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Honduras. Trujillo

Maksim Lemos - Ruar • 3 minutes read • May 22nd, 2016
At last i got to the resort city


Here's the view from the window of hotel where I stayed.
1-honduras.jpgA view is beautiful, a balcony is good too, but I regret I didn't take a photo of the room. Among all the rooms I've ever lived in, this one resembles a prison cell very much! Toilet here is separated from the room by a film!
2-honduras.jpg3-honduras.jpg4-honduras.jpg5-honduras.jpg6-honduras.jpg7-honduras.jpgI walked around the coast lazily, when I saw a little ship. I asked the host if it was a touristic one or not, and he confirmed this happily, adding that a sea-walk would cost 300 dollars. I refused politely..
8-honduras.jpgWhile walking in the city, I saw different houses of different constructions.
9-honduras.jpg10-honduras.jpgWhen I was walking around


in the evening I felt a smell of marijuana. It was everywhere! On every street! I have never met this before, wherein I have not that good odor sense... all the locals were sitting on the mounds of earth smoking weed.
11-honduras.jpgGenerally, after visiting


I went further to Guatemala.
12-honduras.jpg13-honduras.jpg14-honduras.jpg15-honduras.jpg16-honduras.jpg17-honduras.jpg18-honduras.jpg19-honduras.jpg20-honduras.jpgAuthor: Ruar
Source: ru-ar.ru
Translated by: Vera Lungol

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