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Hong Kong. Day 1. Laser Show.

Sergey Dolya • 7 minutes read • March 31st, 2016

Hong Kong 

is the city of skyscrapers and debauchery. Its layout is different from New York, and the nightlife moves from local "Manhattan" to the mainland. Like Pyongyang, it is in a constant haze, and strait between the island and mainland is similar to the one in Bangkok
I came to this Eastern capital of the world to visit Asia's largest electronics exhibition. But I'll tell you about it tomorrow. And today you will read about the Laser shows, 

Hong Kong 

Nightlife, flea markets, and Hong Kong layout.
I landed in Hong Kong in the afternoon. The earth was not visible until the aircraft touched the ground. My hopes for the blue and clear sky did not come true. Like the capital of North Korea, it was plunged into darkness:
I got to the hotel by a high-speed train. It is very convenient - only 20 minutes and you're in the center of the island. I don't usually write about the hotels where I stop, but this time I'll make an exception. The hotel is called Shangri-La and I loved it which is rare:
There was even a TV in the bathroom:
Everything was perfect. I was especially pleased with the view from the window of my room located on the 53rd floor:
You can see from here that there are rails for trucks of window cleaners along the perimeter of the roof of every skyscraper:
I dropped off my things at the hotel and went for a walk around the city. I was here 3 years ago and many streets were already familiar to me. The layout in Hong Kong is different from big American cities. If all the houses are adjoined to each other, here all skyscrapers stand apart. The landscape is very complex and does not allow "to granulate" too much:
Another significant difference from New York or Singapore is that all pedestrians walk on the second floor here. Pedestrian trails are "cut through" all skyscrapers and you can pass them at the level of the second floor even at night.
Here you can even find advertising in Russian:
Riding transitions are integrated into mazes of interwoven intricacies of the pedestrian network:
These trails often go near buildings and you can see the life "behind the glass":
During construction, they use scaffolds from bamboo. It’s difficult to understand how this construction keeps standing:
Hong Kong is not only beautiful skyscrapers occupying the first line near the water. There's a lot more behind them:
In the evening we went to watch the laser show. We left Hong Kong island and crossed 

Victoria Harbour 

by ferry:
At the end of the trip, I noticed a large cruise ship. How surprised I was when I read its name – “Amsterdam”. I will be on its board in a couple of months to go on a Christmas cruise around South America to visit Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Antarctica, Falkland Islands and Easter island:
The show was quite boring. Accompanied by the obscure music, skyscrapers changed their color and occasionally "shot" with laser pointers or simple spotlights in the sky. The show lasted for about 15 minutes:
I am going to tell you a little about geography and history of Hong Kong. The British captured it in 1842 and it remained their colony until 1997. That is why they drive on the left and all pedestrians are shown which side to look at:
In 1997 the British handed the colony back to China, but under the terms of the contract, they assigned the island’s autonomy for at least another 50 years. That is why a separate visa is required to visit Hong Kong and it has its own currency  - the Hong Kong dollar.  
Based on our understanding Hong Kong is an island with skyscrapers. Actually, it is located on the territory of over 260 islands and vast continental areas. Skyscrapers are located on the largest island in the archipelago which is called "Hong Kong". Across the strait "Victoria harbor" there is the Kowloon Peninsula. These are residential areas of Hong Kong. And we decided to take a walk there this evening:
There are a lot of markets. The most famous are "Ladies market" and "Tample market". Markets open from 6 PM to midnight. Stallmen block the whole street:
Here you can find a huge number of cheap consumer goods. Here are some examples:
Here you can even buy a children's Formula 1 outfit:
If you know what the word “merchandising” means then you will be able to appreciate local merchants. Imagine that all these goods are set up each day, and in the evening they completely pack up and free the street:
There is a great variety of fake watches. Young people with catalogs offer you to join the elite world 'at a low price':
There are cafes in passages between houses but I’ll tell you about street food in detail in the following review:
Kowloon streets are full of recruitment ads with half-naked girls. As they are all in Chinese, we were not included in their target audience:
We passed by bars with curtained entrances and vulgar girls inviting inside "to drink beer" several times. There are similar ads even on ATMs:
Second in terms of popularity is foot massage advertising:
They invite you up the high narrow stairs:
And finally a couple of words about local taxis:
At least half of the cars in the city is taxi. They are all the same - old red Toyota. They are very cheap. A ten-minute trip across the island will cost you 2 dollars. There are many cars. You can catch it on the street or get in on special parking lots for taxi:
You can read about the electronics exhibition, Hong Kong catering and trips to Victoria Peak, hanging over the skyscrapers, in the next review.
After, you will learn about my helicopter flight to neighboring Macau and then will spend a few days with me in Beijing.
Author: Sergeydolya

Translated by: Gian Luka

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