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Hong Kong Seafront

Uritsk Andrey • 3 minutes read • August 6th, 2016
1hong-kong-seafront.jpgThe seafront of 

Hong Kong 

is, of course, the main attraction of the city. Surrounded by skyscrapers, full of dozens large and small vessels, which are constantly moving on the water surface, 

Victoria Harbour 

fascinates everyone.

Clock Tower of the colonial times in Kowloon and a modern building of the Hong Kong Cultural Centre located behind it, are one of the most notable landmarks of the Hong Kong bay. The ferries connecting Kowloon and Hong Kong Island depart from there.
15hong-kong-seafront.jpg16hong-kong-seafront.jpgHong Kong Island has the main city ferry terminal which connects the center not only with Kowloon but also with the rest of the regions of Hong Kong's autonomy. 
17hong-kong-seafront.jpg18hong-kong-seafront.jpg19hong-kong-seafront.jpg20hong-kong-seafront.jpg21hong-kong-seafront.jpg22hong-kong-seafront.jpg23hong-kong-seafront.jpgIn two days of my stay in Hong Kong, I took the ferry between the Hong Kong Island and Kowloon probably at least 10 times. :) In fact, it’s very fast, convenient, cheap, and ferries run every 10 minutes.
24hong-kong-seafront.jpgThe Stonecutters Bridge with a central cable-stayed span of 3,335 feet (1018 meters) opened in 2009 as a part of a new motorway from the international airport located on the island. This bridge is one of the unique cable-stayed bridges in the world, third in length.

25hong-kong-seafront.jpgAuthor: Uritsk
Source: uritsk.livejournal.com
Translated by: Zoozi

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