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Hong Kong Streets And Neighborhoods

Uritsk Andrey • 4 minutes read • August 7th, 2016

Hong Kong 

is a very bright and diverse city, where the colonial past, the patriarchal Chinese bustle and color, and rapidly developing and thriving Asian economic, business and financial center meet together.
Let's go through the neighborhoods of the central part of Hong Kong located on the similarly-named island.
2hongkong-streets-and-neighborhoods.jpg3hongkong-streets-and-neighborhoods.jpg4hongkong-streets-and-neighborhoods.jpg5hongkong-streets-and-neighborhoods.jpg6hongkong-streets-and-neighborhoods.jpgA 20-mile (32-kilometer) tram line has been in the old part of the city since ancient times, and the two-storied rectangular cabins have become a recognizable symbol of Hong Kong.
7hongkong-streets-and-neighborhoods.jpg8hongkong-streets-and-neighborhoods.jpg9hongkong-streets-and-neighborhoods.jpgLike in any colonial city, Hong Kong has a British colonial historic core, and its main dominant building is the 

City Hall

, which was under restoration and hidden behind scaffolding during our visit.
10hongkong-streets-and-neighborhoods.jpgIn front of the City Hall building, there’s a monument to Sir Thomas Jackson, general manager of the Hong Kong and Shanghai banking corporations in 1876-1902. He organized the first Asian bank at the end of the 19th century. Today, Hong Kong is one of the main financial centers of the world.
11hongkong-streets-and-neighborhoods.jpgThere’s a mural nearby, reminiscent of distant colonial times when the territory of the British Empire had covered half of the world.
12hongkong-streets-and-neighborhoods.jpgHere are some examples of colonial architecture in Hong Kong. It is very unusual to observe classical European architecture in a modern Asian building. For example, here’s St. John's church.
13hongkong-streets-and-neighborhoods.jpg14hongkong-streets-and-neighborhoods.jpg15hongkong-streets-and-neighborhoods.jpg16hongkong-streets-and-neighborhoods.jpg17hongkong-streets-and-neighborhoods.jpg18hongkong-streets-and-neighborhoods.jpg19hongkong-streets-and-neighborhoods.jpg20hongkong-streets-and-neighborhoods.jpg21hongkong-streets-and-neighborhoods.jpg22hongkong-streets-and-neighborhoods.jpgThe Two IFC skyscraper had been the tallest skyscraper in Hong Kong (1377 feet or 420 meters) for seven years. Only recently it yielded the garland to a 1,588-feet (484-meter) skyscraper of the 

International Commercial Centre

, built on the opposite shore of the Victoria bay in Kowloon.
23hongkong-streets-and-neighborhoods.jpgThe locals do not like this new high-rise of the China Bank. They believe its outlines are too sharp, contradicting the principles of Feng Shui. :)
24hongkong-streets-and-neighborhoods.jpgHowever, there are a lot of inconspicuous narrow streets in Hong Kong where you can experience the Asian vibe in full.
25hongkong-streets-and-neighborhoods.jpg26hongkong-streets-and-neighborhoods.jpgHere are a few more photos of modern streets of the central part of Hong Kong.
27hongkong-streets-and-neighborhoods.jpg28hongkong-streets-and-neighborhoods.jpg29.jpgAuthor: Uritsk
Source: uritsk.livejournal.com
Translated by: Zoozi

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