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Honningsvag. A trip to the North Cape

Uritsk Andrey • 6 minutes read • May 15th, 2016
Around noon our ship approached the northernmost tip of Norway. We're already familiar with the place which we visited in 2009 during our cruise on one of the ships of the Hurtigruten company from Bergen to Kirkenes. The most northern point of continental Europe is Cape Nordkinn (7108'02''). The most northern point of Europe, if you take into account islands adjacent to the continent, is the cape located on the island Mageroya 


(7111'08''). However, the most known cape and the most northern point of Europe according to the majority of sources (though it is wrong) and the center of mass tourist pilgrimage is 

North Cape

On North Cape, there is a great number of tourists, but not all of them manage to see the cape from the sea. Our motor ship approaches North Cape and there is a revival on decks again:
1-honnigsvag-norway.jpgI think that only a few tourists on this deck know that this barely visible cape Knivskjellodden is located more to the north than North Cape by almost 5000 feet. :)
2-honnigsvag-norway.jpgNorth Cape is in the center and Knivskjellodden is on the right:
3-honnigsvag-norway.jpgAt top of the 985-feet rock, the globe and the tourist pavilion are visible well. We were there three years ago, and we will visit it once more tonight:
4-honnigsvag-norway.jpgThe ship bends around the island Mageroya and goes to the southernmost tip:
5-honnigsvag-norway.jpg6-honnigsvag-norway.jpgThe Nordnorge ferry of the Hurtigruten company sails towards Kirkenes:
7-honnigsvag-norway.jpg"Costa" comes into these regions rather infrequently, and crew members are delighted with local landscapes:
8-honnigsvag-norway.jpgThe ship bends around the island Mageryoya and is moored in the port of 


, the capital of a commune North Cape.
9-honnigsvag-norway.jpg10-honnigsvag-norway.jpgIn 2009 our stop in Honningsvag was rather short, and we could only go to the North Cape. This time we stop for longer than 8 hours here. It is more than enough to go to the cape once again and to walk around the city in no rush.
11-honnigsvag-norway.jpg12-honnigsvag-norway.jpg13-honnigsvag-norway.jpg14-honnigsvag-norway.jpg15-honnigsvag-norway.jpg16-honnigsvag-norway.jpg17-honnigsvag-norway.jpg18-honnigsvag-norway.jpg19-honnigsvag-norway.jpg20-honnigsvag-norway.jpgOne of the main sights of Honningsvag is "the ice bar". All visitors get warm capes at an entrance to the bar, it's always freezing there.
21-honnigsvag-norway.jpg22-honnigsvag-norway.jpg23-honnigsvag-norway.jpg24-honnigsvag-norway.jpg25-honnigsvag-norway.jpgAfter a walk around Honningsvag, it is good to go to a cafe, drink a mug of local Mack beer, and only then go to the North Cape. On the way there, we stopped near the deer shelter. Nothing changed in three years: even the man is the same! :)
26-honnigsvag-norway.jpgThere are always a lot of tourists on North Cape. Here are two Lithuanian bikers:
27-honnigsvag-norway.jpgWe were on North Cape from 8 pm almost till midnight. The cape and its vicinities are very beautiful in evening lighting. Even taking into account that three years ago I have already been here, it is devilishly pleasant to return!
28-honnigsvag-norway.jpgIn comparison tp Spitzbergen, the sun here is much lower on the horizon in the middle of night, you can already see the sunset shades. It is not surprising because the Nordkap is located almost 620 miles (1000 kilometers) more to the south.
29-honnigsvag-norway.jpg30-honnigsvag-norway.jpgThe low cape Knivskjellodden is located 4925 feet (1500 meters) more to the north than the North Cape.
31-honnigsvag-norway.jpgYou need to overcome 6.2 miles to get there. I had such thoughts and I remembered where this track begins (near a barrier at the entrance to North Cape). It is a very interesting and picturesque pedestrian route about 4 hours one way. If I come here for the third time, I'll definitely go there!
32-honnigsvag-norway.jpgThe North Cape, contrary to ordinary opinion, is not the northern point of Europe (the northern point of continental Europe is the Nordkinn, and taking into account adjacent islands it is the Knivskjellodden), but it is still the center of mass tourist pilgrimage.
33-honnigsvag-norway.jpgNorth Cape is fantastically beautiful in sunset lighting.
34-honnigsvag-norway.jpg35-honnigsvag-norway.jpgWe came back to Honningsvag around 1 am. The Delphin cruise liner with German tourists, lit by the night sunset sun, leaves the port.
36-honnigsvag-norway.jpg"Costa Pacifica" will depart at 2 o'clock in the morning. I took some more photos of night Honningsvag and vicinities before we left.
37-honnigsvag-norway.jpg38-honnigsvag-norway.jpgTomorrow we will arrive at Hammerfest early in the morning, then we will say goodbye to the North and will begin a long march roll to the south.
Author: Uritsk
Source: uritsk.livejournal.com
Translated by: Vera Lungol

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