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Horse Ride And Icelandic Forest

Nefer • 4 minutes read • September 8th, 2016
After breakfast, we all took a walk on horseback through the picturesque surroundings of


. Horse breeders all over Iceland are offering such services. A woman and her daughter own this horse farm. Despite the gloomy weather, our ride turned out to be quite positive.
1horse-ride-and-icelandic-forest.jpgThe Icelandic horses are very small, quiet and friendly. It was comfortable to ride, as you have to hold the horse with your knees. It was great to ride a horse, which listens to you.
2horse-ride-and-icelandic-forest.jpgThe Icelandic horses have another specific feature: they can walk, trot and gallop, and also they are able to pace and amble, this is when the front feet make stepping movements, and the hind feet are moving far ahead, allowing the horse to move vigorously.
3horse-ride-and-icelandic-forest.jpgThere were blueberries underfoot.
4horse-ride-and-icelandic-forest.jpgWe made a kind of stopover to have a rest a little.
5horse-ride-and-icelandic-forest.jpgWe went back to the farm.
6horse-ride-and-icelandic-forest.jpgLook! It is so small! But it’s bigger than a pony course :)
This is a horse I rode.
7horse-ride-and-icelandic-forest.jpgIceland has a law that prohibits importing horses in the country. It helped to maintain the purity of the breed. However, it is not allowed to bring any sort of horses, even those that had been exported earlier. For example, a horse which was transported to participate in any championship cannot be brought back.
8horse-ride-and-icelandic-forest.jpgHere’s a farm. Pay attention to the landscape…
9horse-ride-and-icelandic-forest.jpg10horse-ride-and-icelandic-forest.jpgThis is a shepherd dog.
11horse-ride-and-icelandic-forest.jpgThe most interesting thing is that your ride can be paid by a credit card!
I already wrote that credit cards are widespread in Iceland; it are accepted almost everywhere. But then I was very surprised :)
12horse-ride-and-icelandic-forest.jpgThen we went for a walk in the woods. This is


, the largest forest in Iceland. Forests are rare in Iceland, so they are all protected by the state. There are several trekking trails in the forest.
13horse-ride-and-icelandic-forest.jpgHere’s stone brambleberry!
14horse-ride-and-icelandic-forest.jpgBlueberries were really plenty there! First, we were eating it, and then we began to put it in can. After filling it to the top, we baked blueberry pie and rubbed it with sugar. It was delicious!
15horse-ride-and-icelandic-forest.jpgHere’s stone brambleberry again. But it’s less. The berries grow right along the road.
16horse-ride-and-icelandic-forest.jpg17horse-ride-and-icelandic-forest.jpgThere were mushrooms as well.
18horse-ride-and-icelandic-forest.jpgSome of the trees are marked with special bars, where the name and year of disembarkation is written.
19horse-ride-and-icelandic-forest.jpgThis is

Lagarfljot Lake

, where the "Loch Ness" monster lives. It is called Lagarfljot snake :) It’s gigantic of almost 100 meters length!
20horse-ride-and-icelandic-forest.jpg21horse-ride-and-icelandic-forest.jpg22horse-ride-and-icelandic-forest.jpgThere was another forest after a turn. 
23horse-ride-and-icelandic-forest.jpg24horse-ride-and-icelandic-forest.jpgA kind of a strange plant. It’s unusual and specific.
25horse-ride-and-icelandic-forest.jpg26horse-ride-and-icelandic-forest.jpgSo after a long walk, we had finally come to our cars.
27horse-ride-and-icelandic-forest.jpg Author: Nefer
Translated by: 

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