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How to Keep Fit on a Cruise Ship

6 minutes read • February 22nd, 2017
Cruise vacation is a great way to visit new places and meet new people, to find new hobbies and plunge into the world of complete relaxation. By the way, cruises are also perfect to maintain your health and physical fitness. Despite tasty temptations both aboard and ashore, you can even improve your shape! CruiseBe knows how to keep fit on a

cruise ship


Do yoga


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Traveling is absolutely not a reason to take a recess in doing yoga. Quite the contrary – this is your chance to try an amazing mental, spiritual and physical practice. Find your ideal secluded place to stay alone or join group yoga classes!

Visit a gym

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Almost every

cruise ship

has a well-equipped gym with modern fitness equipment. You can even find them on the open decks of some vessels. Why don’t you take this opportunity and have a good training?! However, you should remember that a one-time trip to the gym is unlikely to be effective. Set up a convenient schedule – and let this cruise be the most advantageous!  

Group classes

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If training alone is a bit dull for you and you need someone to inspire and control all your movements – there are fun group classes with skilled fitness instructors! They will help you to succeed in aerobics, fitness, pilates and other ways to burn off calories and boost spirits.   

Go jogging

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What can be better than a morning jog? Only the morning jog right by the ocean. With dawning light, fresh air and breathtaking scenery all around. Just try it once – and you’ll be definitely coming back to the jogging track again and again!    

Play outdoor sport games

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You can even organize a mini tournament! Or just play for yourself. There are so many opportunities to have a good and healthy time on the open deck! Modern cruise ships have volleyball and basketball courts, tables for ping-pong, golf simulators, shuffleboards and many other onboard sport attractions! By the way, let’s add water parks to this list – perhaps, this is one of the best ways to mix pleasure with business!

Swim in a pool

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As well as swimming in one of the ship’s pools! No matter what the weather is. No matter where you are at the moment – in the warm Caribbean or in refreshing Alaska. You can relax and have a good leisurely swim in any of the outdoor or indoor pools of your cruise ship.


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We are confident you’ll love it. Since you can dance everywhere – in your cabin, by the pool, during the dance classes, in a restaurant to live music or in a night club! All of this will count towards your trim figure and good mood.

Master extreme sports

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It’s time to conquer the Rock Climbing Wall, to catch the wave on the FlowRider, to become a real star of a skating rink, to fly on a zip line… Well, it’s time to leave day-to-dayness behind and master exciting extreme sports! With a benefit to your health and physical form, of course!

Spend a day in the Spa

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Not only sport and exhausting activities will help you to not pile on the weight. As well as to get rid of those already existing extra pounds. How about special treatments to clear your body and boost the metabolism? Steam bath, sauna, whirlpools – this is a Spa day!

Eat healthy

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Unfortunately, all your attempts to keep fit during the cruise may come to ought if you won’t eat healthy. Yes, there are so many delicious lures. But the number of tasty options that won’t cause problems zipping up is just as big! Believe us, the ship’s Chef is on your side!

Well, everything is pretty easy, isn’t it? Eat healthy, keep moving, dance, always try something new. And don’t forget to treat your body! 

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