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“I Am so Addicted to Cruises That I Became Mrs. Cruise.” Funny Signs That You Are Cruise Addicts

7 minutes read • February 15th, 2019
Well, we are sure that this subject is close to most of our readers. Furthermore, many have already imagined a long list of signs that they are

cruise addicts

. Like a cruise ship wallpaper, subscription to various cruise groups on social media, a world cruise on a bucket list, and many others. However, we have prepared several very unusual, touching, and fun facts that prove your passion for cruises. Let’s go!
Signs That You Are a Cruise Addict
Photo by John Widmer from Roaming Around the World

⇒ When you read an article, see a picture or watch a video about some pure heaven on earth, you try to figure out whether it’s possible to get there on a cruise ship.

⇒ “I know I’m a cruise addict because when I hear someone say that they are going on a cruise, I reel off a bunch of questions. “Which cruise line?” “Which ship?” “Where are you cruising to?” “What kind of room did you book?" Nadeen White from The Sophisticated Life told CruiseBe. “I get so excited about sharing my cruise experiences with everyone.”
Signs That You Are a Cruise Addict
Photo by Nadeen White from The Sophisticated Life

⇒ Jessica Landon also shared a funny proof of her passion for cruises: “After getting off the ship (sad day), we often go out to lunch before boarding plane and sit down at a restaurant. When the waiter asks for our drink order, we joke and pull out our cruise card with the drink sticker on it and say, "I'd like a Coke, please." Then we are sad to remember our sticker is no longer valid off the ship and we have to PAY for our sodas now.”
“It's just a funny joke we have among our family members even when we're back at home and go out to eat.” Jessica Landon concluded.
Signs That You Are a Cruise Addict
Photo by Jessica Landon

⇒ “I am so addicted to cruises that not only did I choose to work in the cruise industry, but I also married a man named Alan Cruise and became Mrs. Cruise,” Clare Cruise from Cruise118 said.

⇒ Cruises become a center of your universe. They are in your dreams, in almost any conversation. Cruises are in your house in form of souvenirs, paintings. They are even on you – in form of cruise nails, T-shirts with an anchor, etc.  The mere mention of the cruise evokes pleasant memories and inspires. There is a whole cruise world with its floating cities, residents, with its culture, traditions – and you know them all and follow even on land.
By the way, are these beautiful ladies smiling at us?
Signs That You Are a Cruise Addict
© Public domain/Pixabay

If you see smiles on these faces – well, you are addicted to cruises.

⇒ “Each morning when we wake up, before making the coffee, we look to see what cruise deals may have sprung up overnight. When cruising takes precedence over coffee, that’s addiction!” said John Widmer from Roaming Around the World.

⇒ “We are such cruise addicts that we decided to downsize our home, drove old cars, and stop buying stuff, just so we could cruise more!” continued John Widmer. “Our cruise addiction grew so strong that we eventually got rid of our home and most of our worldly possessions so that we could have the freedom to cruise around the world!”
Signs That You Are a Cruise Addict
Photo by John Widmer from Roaming Around the World

⇒ Hank Yuloff, the owner at Yuloff Creative Marketing Solutions, has an amusing sign of his addiction: “We compare every bathroom, including the bathrooms in our home, by saying “Well heck, at least it's bigger than a cruise ship bathroom.”

⇒ Cruise addicts see the reminders of cruises everywhere – even in a cloud that looks similar to Carnival Cruise Line’ whale tale. Do they imagine things? We don’t think so.

⇒ “I'm addicted to eating 11 meals a day. Cruising is the only holiday that allows me to be my true self - a hobbit!” Louie Harker from Cruise118 shared with us.

⇒ “The biggest sign of my cruise addiction is that I’ve got my friends hooked too,” Michael Alexis started his story. “We take group cruises with focuses like “self-improvement,” where each cruiser is responsible for leading a 1-hour mini-workshop to teach something to the group. We have a Medal of Awesomeness that we award group members for arbitrary reasons like performing acts of kindness or best karaoke song, and we wear bandanas for identification... and because we are a gang.”
Signs That You Are a Cruise Addict
Photo by Michael Alexis

⇒ Cruise addicts constantly take pictures of everything cruise-related: clouds that we already mentioned above, nautical-inspired clothing and accessories, tumblers, stickers on the cars – well, everything they come across on the way to work, in stores, etc. Then, of course, they share these pictures with other cruise addicts on social media with words like “Look what I found today.”

⇒ John Widmer shared another sign of their cruise addiction: “We’re such cruise addicts that we have now spent a total of a half-year as passengers on cruise ships ...and we’re only in our 30’s!”

⇒ “We are so addicted to cruising that we wanted to take a grand world cruise we knew we couldn’t afford,” John Widmer continued his story. “But we made it work by instead meticulously plotting an itinerary entirely around the globe using a series of repositioning cruises. That’s the dedication and perhaps the clearest indication yet of our cruise addiction!”
Signs That You Are a Cruise Addict
Photo by John Widmer from Roaming Around the World

⇒ Yes, and one more thing: cruise addicts know and use in everyday life terms that only they understand. Like what? You can find the list via this link.

What do you think? Does this sound familiar? Welcome to our community!
Please share your signs of cruise addiction in the comments.

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