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Iceland, Hengifoss Waterfall

Capi4ca • 3 minutes read • October 28th, 2016
This is the lower part of the

Hengifoss waterfall


Egilsstadir town

is located on the banks of a huge

Lagarfljot lake

. The lake is 25 km long, and 2.5 km of width maximum. It's depth reaches of 112 meters. According to the legend, there's a creature unknown to science that  inhabits the lake. This creature is called Lagarfljot serpent. 
We checked in a hotel and went to the lake. But first, we came in a supermarket, where we saw such a cute yarn.
2iceland-hengifoss-waterfall.jpg3iceland-hengifoss-waterfall.jpgWe bought bananas (2.6 USD), and strawberries. Two boxes were at the price of one box (4.3 USD per half a kilo) (prices as of 2016).
4iceland-hengifoss-waterfall.jpgAnd we went to the lake.
5iceland-hengifoss-waterfall.jpg6iceland-hengifoss-waterfall.jpg7iceland-hengifoss-waterfall.jpg8iceland-hengifoss-waterfall.jpg9iceland-hengifoss-waterfall.jpg10iceland-hengifoss-waterfall.jpg11iceland-hengifoss-waterfall.jpg12iceland-hengifoss-waterfall.jpgWe came to Hengifoss waterfall. This is the lower part.
13iceland-hengifoss-waterfall.jpgThere's the lake across the road.
14iceland-hengifoss-waterfall.jpg15iceland-hengifoss-waterfall.jpg16iceland-hengifoss-waterfall.jpgOne can go uphill.
17iceland-hengifoss-waterfall.jpg18iceland-hengifoss-waterfall.jpg19iceland-hengifoss-waterfall.jpg20iceland-hengifoss-waterfall.jpg21iceland-hengifoss-waterfall.jpg22iceland-hengifoss-waterfall.jpgThere's a dirt road further.
23iceland-hengifoss-waterfall.jpg24iceland-hengifoss-waterfall.jpg25iceland-hengifoss-waterfall.jpg26iceland-hengifoss-waterfall.jpg27iceland-hengifoss-waterfall.jpg Author:  Capi4ca
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