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III DRAAKON. If You Are In Tallinn, You Should Go Right There

Nefer • 4 minutes read • October 18th, 2016
This was a tavern set in medieval style. It was such a small eatery, where there was no light or cutlery. The menu consisted of soup, cakes, beer, schnapps, and pickles in a barrel. Would you like to see some of the impressions? You should visit "III DRAAKON". This woman made my day.
The place was very atmospheric! While standing in line, I was watching the hostess talking to guests. She was doing it in the old style, it was very pleasant. The woman had an assistant and both were dressed in medieval clothes. They were using pottery, all set in the style of medieval times.  
The cafe had two rooms. Twilight prevailed there, even during the day. In the second room, where the daylight was shut out, there were burning candles.
You can pay for food and drinks by cash or card. The terminal was hidden because it did not fit with the medieval themed interior. It is taken from under the cash registered if required. We were given a LONG GOOSE-QUILL to sign the check.
The prices really surprised me. It was cheaper than McDonald's. Dinner only cost me 6 Euros! I ordered a little cup of soup, pie with boar and moose meat, dark beer, and pickles. You may ask how I could eat soup without a spoon? You should slurp it right from the cup. Like in older times. And let me tell you about the pickles later.
The tavern was located in the center of 


, in the 

Town Hall building

. So, it was impossible to miss it.
Nearby, there was the entrance to the observation deck. You can climb the tower and look at the city. Another observation deck was in 

St. Olaf’s Church

(Walking Around Tallinn).
I liked this place so much that I came here again for dinner. There were fewer people at night and it had been overcrowded during the day. 
So, let's return to cucumbers. In the center of the tavern, there was a large barrel where you can grab pickles for free. You understand, right? You take a stick with a nail and blindly poke it in the dark water. It was a fun attraction :)
This place is really a must-see! I sincerely recommend it!
Author: Nefer
Source: neferjournal.livejournal.com
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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