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Inspiring Cruise Pictures by @cheesecakecruises

6 minutes read • February 23rd, 2018
More than 40 exciting sailings, lots of inspiring

cruise pictures

, 10.7K followers – all of it is about @cheesecakecruises, the sweetest cruise blog ever! Are you already intrigued? Let’s get acquainted with Martin and his beautiful photos!
cruise pictures @cheesecakecruises
Martin and Adventure of the Seas in Kralendijk, Bonaire
Martin is a passionate cruise lover, travel blogger, and founder at Cheesecake Cruises cruise blog ( He is 31, and he can’t imagine his life without sailing the seas, capturing exciting moments of his adventures, and sharing his stories with other people.
We asked Martin several questions, and that’s what he told us…

1. When was your first cruise? How many cruises have you been on?
My first cruise adventure at sea started on the 30th of April 2004 onboard Royal Caribbean´s Jewel of the Seas. Over the past years, my passion has grown bigger, and I have been on 45 cruises so far. Each experience is recorded in my logbook, which I always have with me. 
cruise pictures @cheesecakecruises
2. What are your favorite cruise lines and ships?
I like to explore the large variety of cruise concepts, and they all have different strengths such as Entertainment, Dining experiences, Wellness and so on. Based on my experiences, I always enjoyed every single cruise adventure. I can highly recommend the American cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Line, and I love to travel with Celebrity Cruises' Solstice-class. Also, I travel once or twice a year with German cruise lines (TUI Cruises and AIDA Cruises), which are even quite attractive. Besides, I am always thrilled to discover new buildings such as AIDAperla, Norwegian Bliss, MSC Meraviglia or Symphony of the Seas.
cruise pictures @cheesecakecruises
AIDAperla and TUI Discovery in Palma De Mallorca, Spain
3. What is your favorite destination? What destination is on your bucket list?
I love to see emerald blue sea, beautiful bays with palms and I like the warming sun, and that´s the reason why I always keep an eye on the Caribbean Sea. There is a small island, which I found most interesting: the place is called Caye Caulker near the city of Belize. The Bermuda islands are even greater, especially when you have the chance to dock in Saint George’s.
Things like expedition cruises to the Galapagos and Antarctica are on my bucket list.
cruise pictures @cheesecakecruises
Renaissance Island, Aruba
4. What was a reason for you to become a cruise blogger? How long have you been doing this?
My friends, family, and colleagues have often asked me, “How was your holiday at sea?” And believe me, it's impossible to describe a cruise adventure within a few minutes. Two and a half years ago, I decided to write down all my thoughts, feelings, unique experiences and spread the word on my cruise blog. By the way, the name of the blog – Cheesecake Cruises – comes from my passion for the American Cheesecake, which I always order at sea as well as on land. 
cruise pictures @cheesecakecruises
5. What inspires you to take such beautiful pictures?
Everyone loves pictures, and I love to share my pictures with others. It is needless to say that ships are cruising to the most beautiful places, so you will definitely get nice scenic views on every cruise. Pictures reflect my passion for cruise ships, as well as for the destinations. If I think about my most beautiful pictures, my thoughts go to the morning sun over the harbor of Saint George’s or the rising sun in South Beach (Miami Beach). 
cruise pictures @cheesecakecruises
Breathtaking morning in Bermuda

Let’s check more cruise ships pictures by Martin!
cruise pictures @cheesecakecruises
Disney Dream in Nassau, Bahamas
cruise pictures @cheesecakecruises
MV Britannia in Oranjestad, Aruba
cruise pictures @cheesecakecruises
AIDAaura in Olden, Norway
 cruise pictures @cheesecakecruises
Queen Mary 2 in Southampton, England
cruise pictures @cheesecakecruises
Adventure of the Seas in San Juan, Puerto Rico
cruise pictures @cheesecakecruises
AIDAprima in Rotterdam, Netherlands
cruise pictures @cheesecakecruises
MSC Seaside in Cozumel, Mexico

You can check more pictures of cruise ships by Martin on his Instagram Profile: @cheesecakecruises
You can also read interesting articles on our blogger’s website:
Martin has some advice for our readers and us: "If you are looking for a perfect vacation, the answer is so simple and uncomplicated: only unpacking once, you stay in a giant soap bubble of luxury, elegance and pure pleasure - welcome on board! And don't forget to order the most delicious dessert ever: the American Cheesecake."

Oh, it’s truly the sweetest cruise advice ever!
We thank Martin for his fascinating story and wish him many exciting cruise adventures ahead!
cruise pictures @cheesecakecruises

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