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Inspiring cruise pictures by @cruiseguru

5 minutes read • February 16th, 2018
Today we’d like to get acquainted with a mother of two who has the best job ever! With a passionate cruise lover who has already been on more than 60 sailing. With a travel blogger who has many exciting things to tell you and inspiring

cruise pictures

to show you. Are you ready to ‘see the world by sea’ with Diane McDougall-Tierney?
cruise ships pictures @cruiseguru
Viking Sky
Diane has more than 1.6K posts on her Instagram Profile (@cruiseguru) and lots of fascinating articles on her website ( She has kindly agreed to answer our question, and here’s what Diane told CruiseBe…
When was your first cruise? How many cruises have you been on?
My first cruise was in 1994 on Premier Cruises "Big Red Boat." I was a newspaper cruise columnist for the Toronto Star, Canada's largest newspaper, up until 2012 and since then became Chief Cruising Correspondent for Forever Young News, a newspaper that is a division of TorStar. I've been on 63 cruises, and my two children have been on about 30. After my stories appear in the paper or online, I post them on my blog at
What are your favorite cruise lines and ships?
I don't have a favorite cruise line because each one offers unique features. I've cruised on lines ranging from three stars to six stars. They all have great benefits depending on budget and personal interests - from Carnival to Crystal.
cruise ships pictures @cruiseguruOn Norwegian Jade
What is your favorite destination? What destination is on your bucket list?

My favorite destination is cruising the Mediterranean to visit Spain, France, and Italy. However, I also enjoyed a Baltic Sea cruise from Denmark to Russia much more than I expected for the architecture there. Hawaii and Tahiti have spectacular natural heavenly scenery so they are favorites too! Cruising the Caribbean for its beaches always cures my Winter Blues. Many people enjoy Alaska, but I have cruised Alaska twice and was bored both times. 
I've visited 45 countries so far, and Asia is on my bucket list - Japan specifically. My kids are bugging me to arrange a cruise to Bali. I guess it's a Millennial Must?
cruise pictures @cruiseguru
Castries, St. Lucia
What inspires you to take such beautiful pictures?
It's easy to take great photos on a cruise, and I try to publish photos that provide news, information, and inspiration, without being cliche. So far, my most popular Instagram video had more than 10,000 views which I found shocking since it was just a Bridge Tour of the Viking Sky. My future videos will be greatly improved thanks to a GoPro and Drone. My son is a pro at shooting, and my daughter is an editing expert. But both should be in front of the camera because they are hilarious!
Let’s check more inspiring travel pictures by Diane!

Here's a fantastic pool with a fantastic view on Viking Sky.
cruise ships pictures @cruiseguru

No doubt the cruise is not just an exciting but also one of the tastiest ways to travel.
cruise pictures @cruiseguru

Are you ready to get wet and happy?
cruise ships pictures @cruiseguru

We adore these colorful houses of Willemstad, Curacao:
cruise ships pictures @cruiseguru

How about something unusual and exciting?
cruise pictures @cruiseguru

Beautiful Viking Sky is enjoying the Caribbean sun in Oranjestad, Aruba
cruise ships pictures @cruiseguru

Here’s a breathtaking view from the Norwegian Jade’s balcony. We believe the Norwegian Fjords is a miracle everyone should see:
cruise ships pictures @cruiseguru
You can check more cruise pictures by Diane on her Instagram Profile: @cruiseguru.

That’s what Diane advised our readers and us:
‘My advice to readers when shopping for a cruise is to prioritize what's important: the itinerary/destination, food, entertainment, ship features or passenger demographics. Then read lots of reviews and visit forums to ask questions about the cruise line and ship that meets your top interests.'
We thank Diane for sharing her experience and wish her new exciting adventures and fascinating stories to tell us!
cruise ships pictures @cruiseguru
Harmony of the Seas

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