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Inspiring cruise ships pictures by @cruisevibes

5 minutes read • January 24th, 2018

He is a ‘passionate cruiser always seeking for a new adventure.’ He is a cruise blogger who aims to inspire other people to travel. He tells fascinating stories of his trips and shows how amazing our world is. Are you ready to get acquainted with Chris from @cruisevibes and his beautiful

cruise ships pictures

pictures of cruise ships @cruisevibes
Costa Diadema in Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Chris took his first cruise in 2013. That was a sailing on MSC Divina, and that’s when he became a real cruise-addict.
He was so excited that decided to start sharing posts about his cruises on Instagram (@cruisevibes) and his website (
We asked Chris several questions, and here’s what he told us.

How many cruises have you been on? What is your favorite cruise line and ship?
So far, I've done five cruises - all with MSC Cruises. I do really like MSC and especially the design of their ships. My favorite ship is MSC Fantasia... But there are many amazing cruise lines besides MSC. I'd love to try RCCL, NCL or AIDA.
pictures of cruise ships @cruisevibes
MSC Fantasia in La Spezia, Italy
What is your favorite destination? What destination is on your bucket list?
It is not easy to answer! I loved Barcelona and Lisbon... After my last cruise, I decided to book a trip to Lisbon to spend more time there. Alaska and Norway are definitely on my bucket list!
pictures of cruise ships @cruisevibes
Norwegian Epic in Barcelona, Spain
What was a reason for you to become a travel blogger? How long have you been doing this?
I think I started with it after my first cruise. In the beginning, I just wanted to share my pictures with many people around the world. To be quite honest, I have never been thinking of writing blog articles or making this account a "daily thing." But when more and more people gave me positive responses I decided to continue, and now we count more than 14k followers! This is so cool, and I'm having so much fun running this blog!
pictures of cruise ships @cruisevibesMSC Meraviglia cruise ship
What inspires you to take such beautiful pictures?
I always loved arts, and I'm also drawing for years now. Taking pictures is like an art to me... I just like to find new perspectives and motives, and, of course, share it with as many people as possible! By the way, thank you very much for the compliment!
pictures of cruise ships @cruisevibes
Costa Fascinosa and MSC Fantasia in Palma de Mallorca, Spain
What cruise related advice do you have for our readers and us
I think everyone should know what they should do on a cruise or not because it is very individual... But my general advice is to enjoy the moments on board and not take it for granted because it is a great privilege for us to be able to spend amazing vacations on cruise ships! And, of course, have FUN! No matter if it's with your family or friends. Memories last forever.
pictures of cruise ships @cruisevibes
Silver Muse and AIDAbella

Let’s check more fantastic cruise pictures by @cruisevibes!
pictures of cruise ships @cruisevibes
Costa Serena in Marseille, France

pictures of cruise ships @cruisevibes
MSC Splendida at night

pictures of cruise ships @cruisevibes
AIDAbella in Barcelona, Spain

pictures of cruise ships @cruisevibes
MSC Meraviglia’s LED Dome

pictures of cruise ships @cruisevibes
MSC Splendida

We thank Chris so much for his inspiring story and pictures of cruise ships and wish him many exciting adventures ahead!

You can check more pictures by Chris on his Instagram Profile: @cruisevibes.
You can also read our blogger’s fascinating stories on his website:
pictures of cruise ships @cruisevibes
MSC Meraviglia cruise ship

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