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Inspiring Cruise Tattoo Ideas

6 minutes read • March 30th, 2019
Do you remember our story about funny signs that you are a cruise addict? Well, today we are going to talk about another way to show your passion for cruises. Or more specifically, we are going to check together several cool

cruise tattoo

Cruise tattoos
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Actually, it’s not uncommon. Quite a lot of travelers decided to get cruise tattoos. Someone – to show the world his/her passion. Others – to capture the pleasant memories of an exciting adventure. We'd like to share several inspiring ideas with our cruise community. Just in case.
Let’s go!

This could be a great option for a Disney Cruise Line’s fans.

A post shared by Jade Louise (@lushie_jade) on

Yes, probably, this is a perfect cruise souvenir.

A post shared by Michele Powell (@michp55) on

This is an idea for a real man.

A post shared by Baucha_Roson (@rosonson) on

Cruise is not just a type of vacation but an exciting way to explore our fantastic world.

A post shared by Corrine Land (@cland11) on

This is a way to keep a memory of your fascinating cruise story.

A post shared by Scott Hawthorne (@scotthawthorneink) on

It’s always colorful, romantic, and very special.

A post shared by GUILLE DIAMOND (@diamond_tattoos) on

The palm, the sea, the cruise – what can be better?

A post shared by M i l a n M a y a (@milan_maya) on

When it’s not just a cruise, but a story of you two.

A post shared by Giovana Sieben Cuozzo ✨ (@gicuozzotattoo) on

Life is the sea.

A post shared by jess chen (@__jesschen__) on

This Royal Caribbean tattoo looks impressive.

A post shared by Royal Caribbean planet (@royalcaribbeanplanet) on

What about a whale tale?

A post shared by Marie-Christine (@mariechristine23) on

Or this romantic tattoo?

A post shared by Katiuscia Capuano (@katiuscia_capuano) on

All cruise lovers understand what this magic word means.

A post shared by Mari_boho (@mari_boho) on

This is a true masterpiece. Titanic…

A post shared by David Poe (@mrdavidpoe) on

Cruise is always a great idea.

A post shared by • Bly Tattoo • (@bly__tattoo) on

And, yes, it’s always an unforgettable holiday.

A post shared by Adam A.S.G (@adam_asg) on

So what about the cruise tattoo? What idea did you like the most? Please share your thoughts in the comments!

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