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Inspiring pictures of cruise ships by @cruisetotravel

7 minutes read • February 9th, 2018
Dear friends, it’s time to get acquainted with travel bloggers that can’t imagine their life without traveling and sharing their

inspiring pictures of cruise ships

and exciting stories with the world. Are you ready?
pictures of cruise ships @cruisetotravel
Regent Seven Seas Navigator and Silver Spirit in Santorini, Greece
Ricky & Yves are passionate cruise lovers. They’ve already been on numerous cruises with different cruise lines. They love to capture the beauty of our world and share it with other people to inspire them. That’s why Ricky & Yves have started posting their shots on Instagram (@cruisetotravel) several years ago. Now they have more than 9K followers that watch their adventures and wait for new pictures.
pictures of cruise ships @cruisetotravel
Brilliance of the Seas in Flam, Norway

We asked Ricky & Yves several questions, and here’s the story they told us…
When was your first cruise? How many cruises have you been on?
We embarked on our first cruise experience in November 2010 on Royal Caribbean's Adventure of the Seas for a 5-day voyage from Málaga to Barcelona, and we can honestly say it was the start of what we could call a "cruise addiction." Since then we have been on 23 cruises on various cruise lines (Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises, Azamara Club Cruises, MSC Cruises and Norwegian Cruise Line).
pictures of cruise ship @cruisetotravel
MSC Fantasia
What is your favorite cruise line and ship?
That's a tough question as every cruise line has its positives. We like the relaxed freestyle concept onboard Norwegian Cruise Line (and it means less packing as we just put on some jeans and a shirt) while Royal Caribbean is great for the entertainment and exciting innovations like the Aqua Theatre and 360 onboard Quantum-class ships and, of course, the zip lines, ice skating rinks, flow riders... But two of our favorite ships/cruises were onboard Celebrity Equinox and Azamara Quest.
Our cruise onboard Equinox brought us to Mykonos and Santorini, two of the most beautiful Greek islands. Apart from the fact that Equinox is a great ship what made her stand out from the rest was her crew who were simply the best. Our voyage with Azamara was very similar but with a smaller crowd and a ship and a crew that really made us feel welcome and at home.
pictures of cruise ship @cruisetotravel
Celebrity Equinox
Combine those with impeccable service, and you get a cruise of a lifetime. A nice anecdote for our cruise with Azamara Quest. On the second day of the cruise, we were walking along the beach in Ajaccio when suddenly a man wearing sunglasses and a hat came jogging past us, greeted us friendly and asked how we were doing and if we were enjoying the cruise. Turned out it was the captain on his daily jogging routine who recognized us.
Plus the fact that the crew and officers go through the effort of addressing guests by their name makes you feel like a part of the family.
pictures of cruise ship @cruisetotravel
Breakfast with the best view ever
What is your favorite destination? What destination is on your bucket list?
We always tell people that if they only go on one cruise in their life, they should make the Norwegian fjords their destination. A cruise to Alaska has been on our bucket list for quite some time now (just to compare it to the Norwegian fjords).
pictures of cruise ship @cruisetotravel
Brilliance of the Seas exploring the Norwegian Fjords
What was a reason for you to become a travel blogger? How long have you been doing it?
About 4 years ago, we thought it would be great to share our cruise experience with others, exchange tips and news we find interesting and help take away some of the prejudices some people still have when it comes to a cruise vacation. That's why we always try to give a positive message, there is enough negativity already. It is also a good way to stay in touch with cruise friends, meet new people and make new friends.
pictures of cruise ship @cruisetotravel
Costa Mediterranea
What inspires you to take such beautiful pictures?
Thanks, that's a nice compliment. Though it may have more to do with the beautiful places themselves. That being said the pictures are a great reminder of the wonderful destinations we visit and we hope they will inspire others to go out there and discover some of those places themselves.
pictures of cruise ship @cruisetotravel
Mariner of the Seas in Rhodes, Greece
What cruise-related advice do you have for our readers and us?
There are so many tips and tricks to share but knowing them would ruin the fun of going on a cruise as part of the fun is discovering and experiencing the cruise for yourself. Though doing some online research will definitely help to find out which cruise line and ship are best for you. Also get online and social with cruise bloggers, we're a friendly bunch, and we'll gladly help out (and talk for hours on how much we love it).
pictures of cruise ship @cruisetotravel
MS Zaandam
A golden tip for a first cruise is definitely "don't go too far and don't spend too much money" (don't be too cheap either). We've heard people wanting to go on their first cruise being told to go to the other side of the world on an expensive once-in-a-lifetime cruise experience. But what if it just isn't their cup of would definitely be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and those people would never cruise again.
But the most important piece of advice certainly has to be CRUISE AND HAVE FUN!
pictures of cruise ship @cruisetotravel
Brilliance of the Seas in Valetta, Malta
We thank Ricky & Yves for their amazing story and shots and look forward to new posts about their adventures!

You can check more inspiring cruise pictures on our blogger’s Instagram Profile: @cruisetotravel
You can also read fascinating cruise articles on their website:
pictures of cruise ship @cruisetotravel

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