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International Convention Center Kaohsiung

Yancheng, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
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The International Convention Center Kaohsiung (ICCK; Chinese: 高雄國際會議中心; pinyin: Gāoxióng Guójì Huìyì Zhōngxīn) is a convention center in Yancheng District, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.



In 2012, the Kaohsiung City Government transformed the Kaohsiung Business Exhibition Center to International Convention Center Kaohsiung. Major renovation made such as expanding 6 conference rooms to 26. A total up to 200 tables for banquet style dining can now be accommodated on its first floor, as well as spaces for 500 car parks. The convention center was finally completed and opened in 2013.


The building is a six-story structure.


The center can accommodate meeting for up to 600 people and exhibition for up to 460 booths.


The center is accessible within walking distance North East from Yanchengpu Station of Kaohsiung MRT. ||| Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0

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