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Island of Roatan, Honduras

wwworld • 5 minutes read • September 18th, 2015
Today we visited the island of 


in the Northern Honduras. We sailed to 


early at dawn. Local time was only 6 am, the time on the ship (EST) was 7 am.
The ship successfully docked to the pier, and we went to explore the surroundings.

We booked a sightseeing tour in a local agency that I had connected with a few months before our trip. We found a guide meeting us pretty quickly and proceeded to the car.


island of Roatan 

is quite long (about 30 miles) and narrow (at its widest point is about 5 miles). One main road goes across the island (one lane in each direction), and small roads and paths branch off it. As our guide said, 10-15 years ago, before cruise ships began to dock near Roatan, there were not paved roads at all... Although, I must say, the quality of the roads now, to put it mildly, leaves much to be desired.

First, we went to one of the resorts to drop off a group of tourists from our ship who decided to spend a lazy day.

Honestly, I didn't quite understand what they bought such a tour for if they could do it on the ship with the same success and more comfort, or at the free beach near the port. Oh well. While tourists were unloading, we took a walk around the resort.

Almost immediately a monkey ran to us, and it was really surprised that we had nothing to give.

And we saw some unknown creature. It looked similar to a rat, but very big and without a tail.
When our guide came back, I asked him about that mysterious animal. It turned out that it was a local rabbit (!!!) - a rabbit without ears.

After dropping people off at the resort, we were alone in the car, and the tour became private (although we didn't order it). First, we went to a cottage settlement built by American investors where anyone can buy a house or villa at a very low price: from 300 to 800 thousand dollars per villa.

The complex has its own beach fenced from the sea to avoid the waves. There are also bars and restaurants.

After a small stop, our tour continued.

The next big stop was at the farm with iguanas.

Iguanas are not limited in their movements and can go away any time and anywhere. But what's the point?

From the pier of the farm, we could watch huge fish swimming in a specially fenced paddock.

The farm was really small and we went further.

West Bay is a private beach that many tourists go to. Here we made a stop for a whole hour to swim and sunbathe for a little.
It was a period of school vacations in Honduras, and there were a lot of children on the beach. They were selling different souvenirs attracting tourists' attention: 

Also, you could book a massage right here on the beach.

We should do justice to Hondurans because, despite all the poverty, the beach and adjacent territories are very clean, maintained at the proper level: no bottles, newspapers, wrappers.
After sunbathing and having a good swim (the water was just amazing), we made our way back to the port: 4 hours of the tour flew by pretty quickly. While driving, I took photos of the roadside scenery so you can get an idea of how ordinary people live in Honduras.

Soon we saw our liner.

We really liked the tour. For a fairly short period of time, we looked at the Western part of the island of Roatan, talked to a guide-driver (our tour was private) and even managed to swim. 
Author: Wwworld
Translated by: Gian Luka

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