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Israel. Monfort Castle, Goren Park, Rosh Hanikra, Achziv

Nefer • 4 minutes read • September 25th, 2016
The history of the castle is related to the Crusaders. 

Montfort Castle

was built by the French in the 1170s. The castle is located on an impregnable rock, hanging over a cliff. However, Saladin came and took all the lands, including Tiberias. During the Third Crusade, the knights managed to attacked the castle, and it joined the Teutonic Order. In 1271, the castle was surrounded by the Mamelukes. Teutonic Knights were forced to surrender and leave the castle, moving the precious archives and numerous treasures in Acre. Since then, the castle has been abandoned; restorations were not made.
1israel-montfortcastle-gorenpark-roshhanikra-achziv.jpg2israel-montfortcastle-gorenpark-roshhanikra-achziv.jpgThe observation deck is located in Goren Park. It is a natural park, a kind of reserve. There are rocks and trees. It is quite green and picturesque. The locals come here on weekends. There are places for picnics.
3israel-montfortcastle-gorenpark-roshhanikra-achziv.jpgIf you decide to visit the 


, it is better to get to it from the village of Mi'ilya. From there, you will have to ascend the hill (30 minutes) reaching the point of Monfort, and there’s another half-hour walk, following indicators. Unfortunately, that time, I didn’t visit the castle.
4israel-montfortcastle-gorenpark-roshhanikra-achziv.jpg5israel-montfortcastle-gorenpark-roshhanikra-achziv.jpgWe walked around the park, enjoying the beauty.
6israel-montfortcastle-gorenpark-roshhanikra-achziv.jpg7israel-montfortcastle-gorenpark-roshhanikra-achziv.jpg8israel-montfortcastle-gorenpark-roshhanikra-achziv.jpg9israel-montfortcastle-gorenpark-roshhanikra-achziv.jpg10israel-montfortcastle-gorenpark-roshhanikra-achziv.jpg11israel-montfortcastle-gorenpark-roshhanikra-achziv.jpg12israel-montfortcastle-gorenpark-roshhanikra-achziv.jpgWe made a stop at my favorite place, Rosh Hanikra.
13israel-montfortcastle-gorenpark-roshhanikra-achziv.jpg14israel-montfortcastle-gorenpark-roshhanikra-achziv.jpgLebanon is beyond the mountains. Border boats run there.
15israel-montfortcastle-gorenpark-roshhanikra-achziv.jpg16israel-montfortcastle-gorenpark-roshhanikra-achziv.jpgA cableway in Rosh Hanikra has the steepest slope in the world! Also, the area is extremely beautiful!
17israel-montfortcastle-gorenpark-roshhanikra-achziv.jpg18israel-montfortcastle-gorenpark-roshhanikra-achziv.jpg19israel-montfortcastle-gorenpark-roshhanikra-achziv.jpg20israel-montfortcastle-gorenpark-roshhanikra-achziv.jpg21israel-montfortcastle-gorenpark-roshhanikra-achziv.jpgAchziv is an interesting sight and one of the attractions that is very curious in nature. There was a man named Eli Avivi, who one day decided to create his own state - Akhzivland. He surrounded his house with a fence and declared himself the ruler :) The "country" has a flag (a mermaid), a coat of arms (a burning torch), a symbol (a seagull), an anthem (the noise of the sea) and a state language (the language of nature). The population: 2 people. Previously, hippies lived here and rock festivals were held. Today, there’s a hotel, and you can visit this mini-state and put a stamp in your passport))
22israel-montfortcastle-gorenpark-roshhanikra-achziv.jpgThe sun was setting. We went home.
23israel-montfortcastle-gorenpark-roshhanikra-achziv.jpg24israel-montfortcastle-gorenpark-roshhanikra-achziv.jpg25israel-montfortcastle-gorenpark-roshhanikra-achziv.jpg Author: Nefer
Translated by: 

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