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Israel. The Armored Corps Memorial Site And Museum At Latrun

Nefer • 5 minutes read • August 19th, 2016
The museum is called 

Yad La-Shiryon, b

ut it also goes by the name Beitha-Shiryon. 
1israel-latrun-museum.jpgIt is opened between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Friday is a short day. The entrance ticket was about $8.
Nearby there was a center for the study of bird migration. Radar is already in the territory.


represents about 200 pieces of military equipment from different countries: tanks, armored carriers, self-propelled mounts, armored cars and, of course, the Israeli "Merkava". You can get inside many of the exhibits.
3israel-latrun-museum.jpg4israel-latrun-museum.jpg5israel-latrun-museum.jpgThis is "Patton", the average US Tank of the 1950s.
6israel-latrun-museum.jpgThe next is "Mahag", the upgraded Israeli Tank M48. Then there’s "Shot", and "Sherman", the French AMX-13 and the American M113 armored carriers. There are six in total.
7israel-latrun-museum.jpgThere were a lot of tanks. In the background, there was a memorial wall with the names of people who died. At the top was "Sherman", previously a water tower.
8israel-latrun-museum.jpgThis is a former police building, a fort built by the British.
9israel-latrun-museum.jpgThe fort was built in 1940. In general, this is a strategically important place because it is situated at the crossroads, and allows control of the road to Jerusalem. Four days later, after the British army left the fort, it was captured by the Jordanians. The Israelis had tried several times to storm the fort, but they recaptured it only during the Six Day War in 1967. The exhibit inside speaks more about those events.
10israel-latrun-museum.jpg11israel-latrun-museum.jpgThere was an observation deck on the roof.
12israel-latrun-museum.jpg13israel-latrun-museum.jpgThen we went down and viewed everything from below.
14israel-latrun-museum.jpgIn general, the museum was impressive. 
15israel-latrun-museum.jpg16israel-latrun-museum.jpgHere’s a Ford Touring, the main vehicle used by the British.
17israel-latrun-museum.jpgThis is Chevrolet. During the War of Independence such trucks were converted into armored trucks, upholstered with iron.
18israel-latrun-museum.jpgHere are Willy's jeeps.
19israel-latrun-museum.jpg20israel-latrun-museum.jpgOn the lower tier, there are armored carriers, trucks and cars, above there’s a ground for captured armored vehicles.
21israel-latrun-museum.jpg22israel-latrun-museum.jpgThe first is M3 "Stuart", the second is a British tank "Matilda II". These machines had the greatest glory in North Africa. The third is American "Chaffee".
23israel-latrun-museum.jpgThis is a light American tank M24 "Chaffee", created in 1944 and named in honor of General E.R. Chaffee, Jr., the commander of the first armored US troops.
24israel-latrun-museum.jpgThe second could determine this M3 Lee - the average US tank during World War II. It was named in honor of General Lee who fought during the Civil War. There was also a modification of the British M3 Grant.
UPD: in the foreground, the British tank Mark IV Churchill, aka A22.
25israel-latrun-museum.jpgT-54 APC, supplied by the Soviet Union to the Lebanese army.
There is radio and field radar installed.
26israel-latrun-museum.jpgThis is T-34, with a torn trunk.
27israel-latrun-museum.jpgThese are the flags of the participating countries of the anti-Hitler coalition.
29israel-latrun-museum.jpgHere’s the Memorial to the Allied Forces.
30israel-latrun-museum.jpgThis is a Memorial, with the names of the dead soldiers.
31israel-latrun-museum.jpgHere’s the continuation of the exposition. These are samples of the facilities of the IDF (The Israel Defense Forces).
32israel-latrun-museum.jpgThis is a profile view of a tank.
33israel-latrun-museum.jpg34israel-latrun-museum.jpgHere’s a Monument to the Jewish partisans.
35israel-latrun-museum.jpgYou press the button and hear a voice broadcasting something loudly.
36israel-latrun-museum.jpgIn the background is the Trappist Monastery. I talk more about it 


37israel-latrun-museum.jpgAuthor: Nefer
Translated by: Zoozi

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