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Italy. Elba. P.1

o_l_g_a_r_i • 4 minutes read • July 25th, 2016
We put high hopes on Elba. We wanted to look closer at it - is this island worth visiting with a car on the ferry. Because Elba had remained still unexplored.
I liked it in advance after looking at pictures on the Internet - beautiful beaches with azure water and little towns on the rocks...
It's a beauty! Especially when the weather is fine...
We were not lucky with the weather.
This was the worst day of the cruise. The only day absolutely without sun and with rain from time to time (((.
In the morning, we saw such island from the ship (...
After waking up, we went to see where we came - brrr...
And we went around... Here it is,


- the main town of the island.
It is unpleasant of course, but there was no rain at that moment.
It was evident that it was here, just before this - and everything is so gloomy and unfriendly.
Well, there's nothing to do. Who wants to stay at home?
Although, I must admit, I had such idea))).
On the other hand, we had two plans - according to the first, we wanted to go to the mountains and on the coast near the island's capital. And according to the second one, we wanted to visit the Napoleonic Museum. And museums in rainy weather are so good)))
So, let's go to the museum!)))
The ship is absolutely wonderfully moored in the heart of the waterfront.
Can you see - all our companions in misfortune from the cruise ship - stocked up on umbrellas. We also took it. Moreover, we took two - the first one we brought with us from home, the second was from the cabin.
We are going further along the waterfront...
Here are City Gates. And we are going there...
And there was a market.
It was too small, of course, I think, due to the weather. But it's still interesting to see what people brought here from home). I like to walk through such markets)...
We are going further...
And here is the museum itself.
There was some strange street to the left of the museum, in a hollow - is this place of residence of the Gipsies?
A little further, to the left of the museum building - there is a view of the beach. Oh, it's a pity that the weather was bad for the beach photo (((...

let's go to the museum

Author: O_L_G_A_R_I
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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