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Italy. Elba. P.2

o_l_g_a_r_i • 5 minutes read • July 25th, 2016
So, after

walking along Portoferraio

, we went to the museum of Napoleon.
Napoleon was exiled here in 1814... On the tiny island with the population consisting at that time of several thousand people. What is interesting - his birthplace is very close - the island of Corsica. And in general, it's strange that he was "exiled" so close to everything - it's very close not only to Corsica, but also to continental France and Italy. It is not just a beautiful island, it's also in the heart of Europe!
Nevertheless, Napoleon was very upset - he dreamed of the empire, and got just Elba, you know... Moreover, the island was part of his possessions even before 1814.
Hmm... I would not be upset!)))
It's a beautiful island - you can just live there without knowing the grief)))...
By the way, he lived there not like in prison - Napoleon was visited by relatives, mother, sister, even Marie Walewska checked on him.
But he had no right to leave the island - British warships were sailing around Elba, strictly keeping an eye on this. As a result - they didn't manage to keep up, of course, stories always end so...
They say, when Napoleon came to Elba, he said that this would be his "island for rest".
But he needed a drive even on Elba! He worked tirelessly - introduced various innovations in fishing and arable farming, etc.
It's not a surprise that inhabitants of the island still think of him warmly))).
There are several work-rooms in the house...
Napoleon turned Elba into some kind of the mini-state, ruled by him and his friends.
He gathered a small army on the island - about one and a half thousand people, and when events in Europe began to develop favorably for him - he deceived British ships and ran away from the island with this mini-army.
Can you see this field-bed ready for a march)))?
He is not very good-looking in the picture...
However, it seems that while he was preparing to march he had quite a nice time.
There is also the ballroom in the house.
And there are also more comfortable beds.
He had to welcome ladies somewhere - he couldn't do that on the field-bed, could he)?
His wife and son never came to the island...
Check out a view from the window - it's not bad even for modern hotels, isn't it?)
However, while walking around the museum, I had a feeling that Napoleon was bored and sad here. I do not know why the feeling was so, maybe, because of the weather?...
And here are more pictures from there...
By the way, we were walking through the museum in


 almost  alone - on the one hand, it allows you to take a good look at everything, but on the other - it added some feeling of loneliness and melancholy... I love to walk in the museum in silence and look at everything. So we were lucky this time))). And this is despite the fact that outside the gates of the museum, there were just crowds of people - but they were with organized tours and they were whether waiting for a certain time of the tour, or for someone being late... In any case - when we came to the museum, there was the crowd, and when we left it - there was the crowd again. I managed to squeeze through it and ask the guard if we could enter. I explained that we were on our own, without the tour and he let us go inside. So keep this in mind!!!
As soon as we left the museum, downpour started.
We had no choice but to run on the ship. It was raining during the rest of the day (((...
Author: O_L_G_A_R_I
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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