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Italy. Rome And Vatican. P1

xorolik • 3 minutes read • June 18th, 2016
So we finally decided to travel to Europe. First, we decided that we want to go to Italy, to visit 


, it's the "eternal city" after all!
1italy-romevatican.jpgTo tell the truth, 4 days we spent in Rome were not enough to see all the beauty of the city. We hope that one day we will go there again.
I would say that the weather was rather good. It was sunny and the air temperature was 64-72 degrees (+18-22C)!
There are a lot of places where one can have a snack or dinner in Rome. The streets of the city are full of cafes and restaurants and there are always free tables. There is everything in the shops. I liked the pasta of all shapes, sizes, and colors! And limoncello, of course. It is in the bottles of original shapes and sizes. There are ham, cheese, sausages, olive oil.
We didn’t go on excursions, we walked around on our own. We had studied several guidebooks in advance and made a plan of famous sights we wanted to visit.
Here are the photos.
2italy-romevatican.jpgThis is the Roman forum.
3italy-romevatican.jpg4italy-romevatican.jpg5italy-romevatican.jpgHere’s the 


6italy-romevatican.jpgIn Rome, there are such food trucks where one can buy a snack and a drink.
7italy-romevatican.jpg8italy-romevatican.jpg9italy-romevatican.jpg10italy-romevatican.jpg11italy-romevatican.jpg12italy-romevatican.jpgThis is the Palazzo Venezia.
13italy-romevatican.jpg14italy-romevatican.jpgHere’s the 

Trevi Fountain

15italy-romevatican.jpgThis is the Piazza Navona.
16italy-romevatican.jpg17italy-romevatican.jpg18italy-romevatican.jpg19italy-romevatican.jpg20italy-romevatican.jpg21italy-romevatican.jpgThese are alive statues.
23italy-romevatican.jpg24italy-romevatican.jpg25italy-romevatican.jpgA marathon.
26italy-romevatican.jpgHere’s Plaza de Espana.
27italy-romevatican.jpg28italy-romevatican.jpgWater in all the fountains is the purest!
29italy-romevatican.jpgYou can see how many people there are on the street of famous boutiques.
Author: Xorolik
Translated by: Zoozi

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