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Italy. Rome And Vatican. P2

xorolik • 3 minutes read • June 18th, 2016
Here’s a tourist bus No.110 which follows the route of all the points of interest in the city of 


33italy-romevatican.jpg34italy-romevatican.jpgThis is the 


35italy-romevatican.jpg36italy-romevatican.jpg37italy-romevatican.jpg38italy-romevatican.jpg39italy-romevatican.jpgThis is a view of Rome from the observation deck near the monument to Garibaldi.
40italy-romevatican.jpgEvery day at 12 pm they take out the gun, and it makes 1 volley.
41italy-romevatican.jpgThe she-wolf had already fed Romulus and Rem.
42italy-romevatican.jpg43italy-romevatican.jpgHere’s the St. Angel Castle.
44italy-romevatican.jpgThis is the 


45italy-romevatican.jpg46italy-romevatican.jpg47italy-romevatican.jpg48italy-romevatican.jpg49italy-romevatican.jpgAlso, we went to the museum of aviation which is 17 miles (30 km) from Rome, in Vigna di Valle, on the banks of the Brachano lake.
Author: Xorolik
Translated by: Zoozi

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