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Italy. Tuscany. The Island Of Elba. Portoferraio

Nikolkaya • 5 minutes read • July 4th, 2016
I just fell in love with the island of Elba. If I would be lucky with the weather and more self-sufficient - oh, I would show it to you! But now, take my word - I saw there rugged coves, emerald hills, turquoise, crystal-clear water. This is a paradise. Napoleon was exiled here after the conclusion of the Treaty of Fontainebleau in 1814 for a reason.
In fact, Napoleon came on Elba, though in exile, but still as the Emperor. He had here an army with a thousand of soldiers, a small sailing fleet, a palace in the capital of Elba - 


. He only didn't have money and the right to return to the mainland.
This palace-gallery was built by Anatoly Demidov in 1859, already after Napoleon's death, to create a museum of the Emperor. Cartoons, books, engravings, paintings, statues, coins of the Napoleonic era - everything is there. You can walk there for hours, looking at everything - it's very interesting.
Napoleon did not like his palace in


, he wanted to live on a mountain, in a small house. And his sister presented him such house, she sold her pearl necklace to buy a villa. One famous artist, invited from Italy, painted the walls and ceilings in the house, keeping the memory of the sister's necklace on the ceiling of one of the rooms.
All personal belongings of Napoleon, furniture, and paintings are original. Perhaps, they looked respectable in olden times, but now they look pretty modest.
This is a bed with a bedside table.
This is a bureau and a desk.
This is a bathroom. Marble is local - from Elba.
Here is a view from the windows of Villa San Martino - there is the port of Portoferraio, at which the exiled Emperor used to look with sadness. After all, the ambitious person needs the scope, but little Elba could not give it to Napoleon. A year later, he escaped from here (and after that, he was exiled on the island of St. Helena).
Of course, Napoleon was the most famous resident of Elba, and modern residents carefully cherish his memory. Three bees - a symbol of a personal coat of arms of Napoleon - can be found everywhere.
And figures of Napoleon is the most popular souvenir in tourist shops.
By the way, the local cat, that now lives in Napoleon's Villa, is also named Napoleon.
And that's another cat, I do not know its name, but it is also very arrogant. It is from the city of Porto Azzurro.
The city is located in one of the bays, which was used for their fleet by the Romans. They say that the bottom of the bay is dotted with the remains of ancient Roman ships, that's why Porto Azzurro is very popular among divers.
But it's quite nice even without diving.
Another one charming town -


- is situated high on a hill.
You can see the island of Monte Cristo from its top.
Since 1960, Elba has been the protected area, and any construction is forbidden there. Therefore, all the houses (as well as the outer walls of hotels) are at least 50 years old - or even more.
Only the sculpture can be modern.
And souvenir shops.
It is very easy to get to Elba from the mainland - ferries to Portoferraio depart every two hours, the whole voyage takes only 45 minutes.
Of course, the most prosperous ones can come to Elba on a cruise schooner or a private yacht.
And we are saying goodbye to this wonderful island (see you soon, Elba!)
Author: Nikolkaya
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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