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Jamaica and Falmouth. P.2.

4 minutes read • August 22nd, 2015
The second part of the small photo report about our trip to the Jamaican port town of 


After the beach and quite a strong burning in the sun, I realized that I had enough and returned to the ship. Actually, after returning to the port, I took photos of the mainland where the shops were so there are not many photos.
This picture is from the end of our trip - 


was seeing us off with drastically changed weather:

So, back to lunch time. Workers are bored at their post: 

Employees on stilts are sharing their meager earnings:

And after sharing they settled down and relaxed:

Tourists are disorderly, moving in the direction of the ships:

Decided to walk through the mall to see what was being sold ... nice handbags:

They sell many different odds and ends:

Magnets, by the way, are very cheap and original. Five magnets for $10 - I haven't seen this in my previous travels:

All sorts of hats, t-shirts ... well, as usual ...

I bought a couple of souvenirs and went back to the ship:

A neighboring liner sailed away an hour earlier - and I saw it on my TV:

Went out onto the balcony - it really was leaving. By the way, the reef is very close: 

Well, I waved goodbye to the ship and went upstairs to deck 14 to photograph the liner's departure:

Weather somehow began to deteriorate rapidly:

A magnified view of some of the town buildings:

Some strange constructions:

Port officials are removing the ropes:

The work is almost finished:

Clouds are becoming darker and darker:

A yacht crosses our path:

Last glance at the port:

People came out to watch the departure:

Dark clouds continue to hang:

And then a small tornado formed to the right, next to the liner:

And there is a rainbow behind it:

All the cataclysms of nature in one moment. And such an unusual mix of colors:

A few minutes later another tornado appeared from the other side, though quite a distance from the liner:

Last look back ... port 


 is already virtually invisible ....
Author: Barmoska
Source: barmoska.livejournal.com
Translated by: Gian Luka

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