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Jarmers Plads

History and museums
attractions, sightseeing, culture, street, public square, walking

Jarmers Plads is a road junction and public space in central Copenhagen, Denmark. It takes its name after Jarmers Tower, the ruin of a Medieval tower which used to be part of the Fortification Ring which surrounded the city until the mid 19th century.



When Copenhagen's fortifications were decommissioned in the second half of the 19th century, the ramparts were levelled and the moat filled in. Jarmer's Tower was long gone but the site was excavated in connection with the Nordic Exhibition of 1888 and the remains of the tower were afterwards restored as a ruin to commemorate the city's past as a fortified city.

The area outside Realkredit Danmark's building at 2 Jarmers Plads was resedigned by Hansted Holscher Arkitekter in 1996–97.

Jarmer's Tower


A copy of Auguste Cain sculpture Lion and Lioness (French: Lion et lionne se disputant un sanglier). As indicated by the name, it shows a lion and a lioness fighting over a wild boar. The sculpture was created in 1879 and the copy was installed at the site in 1889 as a gift from Carl Jacobsen's Albertina Foundation.



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