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Journey To Isfjord Radio. Breakfast In Russia, Dinner In Norway

Sergey Dolya • 5 minutes read • April 7th, 2016

IsFjord radio is a small station that was once the point of contact between 


and Norway. Now it is a tourist complex, complete with a restaurant and a lounge room (so comfortable that I fell asleep on the couch). It was an interesting route: we went out in the morning from the Russian 


, dined in Norway, and in the evening we returned "home"...

On our way to IsFjord we stopped at Alkhornet Mountain. The contours of the rocks make it look like an isosceles triangle:

On the other side of the fjord there is a Norwegian house for travelers. Generally, single buildings in the middle of nature look unusual. Now they are absolutely unnecessary but in winter, when everything around is covered with snow and ice, they become an important stop on the routes of travelers:

Such a spontaneous parking spot for boats:

I was really amazed by the glacier coming down from the mountain. Snow and ice structures clearly show the movement of the colossus, toward the waters of the fjord. On the shore there are tourist tents - the Norwegians offer tours with tent accommodations thereabouts:

This is the coast of Spitsbergen:

Along the way tourists are entertained by wild deer:

You can see very cute animals - look, this one looks like a deer bride with white garter on the leg:

This is a view from the mountain:

It feels like the rock under the earth is moving ever so slightly, causing wrinkles and cracks on its surface:

And this is our constant companion - a guide with a gun:

This picture is called "Find the deer":

IsFjord radio appeared on the horizon:

It is better to look at it from the air. In fact, it is comprised of several buildings on the coast, with a pier for boats:

The place is dangerous because of polar bears. It is forbidden to go out without a gun, even from one house to another:

The post office is very popular on IsFjord radio - every tourist never misses the opportunity to send their friends and family a postcard from this remote corner of the planet:

In Svalbard you are asked to take your shoes off at the entrance to any room. It does not matter whether it is a restaurant or a hotel:

It is very cozy inside. An oasis of civilization in the middle of the wild environment:

This was a comfortable lounge. After lunch we became sleepy and decided to nap for a couple of hours. The hosts did not mind:

This is the view from the windows. Part of the fun includes photographing polar bears that take a peek inside:

We went out hoping to see a bear but there were none around:

We did face a bird colony. These seemingly harmless and inconspicuous birds are actually very aggressive. As soon as you approach them, they start screeching. Some even attempt to bite your head. Apparently, they have nests nearby:

A little further from IsFjord radio, the marshland begins:

And there is an observation deck with a whale's skull:

You can sit and meditate near the water:

In the next review we'll look at the 

local animals

Author: Sergeydolya

Translated by: Gian Luka

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