Kamiyodo Hakuho-no-Oka Exhibition Hall, Sakaiminato, Japan | CruiseBe
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Kamiyodo Hakuhō-no-Oka Exhibition Hall

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Kamiyodo Hakuhō-no-Oka Exhibition Hall (上淀白鳳の丘展示館, Kamiyodo Hakuhō-no-oka tenjikan) opened in Yonago, Tottori Prefecture, Japan in 2011. It replaced the Yonago Yodoe Folk History Museum (米子市淀江歴史民俗資料館), which closed in 2009. The three rooms of the exhibition hall display Yayoi decorated pottery, haniwa statues, fragments of early Buddhist wall painting from Kamiyodo Haiji, and a reconstruction of the temple kondō, with its paintings and sculptures.


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