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Kaohsiung Lighthouse

Qijin District, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
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The Kaohsiung Lighthouse (Chinese: 高雄燈塔; pinyin: Gāoxióng Dēngtǎ), also called Cihou Lighthouse (Chinese: 旗後燈塔; pinyin: Qíhòu Dēngtǎ) or Cijin Lighthouse (Chinese: 旗津燈塔; pinyin: Qíjīn Dēngtǎ), is a lighthouse in Qijin District, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.



After the signing of Convention of Peking in 1860 during the Qing Dynasty rule, the Takau Harbor was forced to opened to foreign traders in 1863. With increasing commercial shipping activities and a lack of a proper ship navigation system, the British engineers built a Chinese-style rectangular red-brick lighthouse at the top of Mount Ki-au (旗後山), at the southern side of the harbor.

During the Japanese rule, in line with the expansion of the harbor, the lighthouse was rebuilt in 1916 as part of the project. It underwent renovation in 1918 to what it looks today. The base of the lighthouse building was rebuilt in Baroque style.

In 1985, the lighthouse was rated a Class 3 Building of Historical Interest by the Ministry of the Interior and was subsequently opened to the public.


The lighthouse tower provides an excellent view of the entire Port of Kaohsiung.

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