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Karon Beach. Phuket Island, Thailand

Capi4ca • 2 minutes read • March 19th, 2017
After visiting

Kata Beach

, it started raining and we decided to go to

Karon Beach



1karon-beach-phuket-island-thailand.jpgWe went there by bus.
2karon-beach-phuket-island-thailand.jpg3karon-beach-phuket-island-thailand.jpg4karon-beach-phuket-island-thailand.jpg5karon-beach-phuket-island-thailand.jpg6karon-beach-phuket-island-thailand.jpg7karon-beach-phuket-island-thailand.jpgWe paid 35 baht=1 USD (as of 2016).
8karon-beach-phuket-island-thailand.jpgDespite the rain, we were swimming.
9karon-beach-phuket-island-thailand.jpgThe beach was deserted.
10karon-beach-phuket-island-thailand.jpg11karon-beach-phuket-island-thailand.jpg12karon-beach-phuket-island-thailand.jpgUsually, it stops raining quickly there. The sun came out.
13karon-beach-phuket-island-thailand.jpg14karon-beach-phuket-island-thailand.jpgWe were afraid to get sunburns, so we decided to leave the beach soon.
15karon-beach-phuket-island-thailand.jpg16karon-beach-phuket-island-thailand.jpg Author: Capi4ca
Source: capi4ca.livejournal.com
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