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Kenai Fjords In Seward And Fairbanks City

Ehlzhbeta Chegarova - prosto_gost • 3 minutes read • June 26th, 2016
So, we arrived to


. The weather was perfect, so we spent here a couple of days with delight.
And, of course, we went on a sea trip on the

Kenai Fjord

. Seward is a city of sea, fish, port. It is impossible to walk past it.
1alaska-sewardfarbanks.jpgWe bought tickets for the 5-hour boat trip on a boat (US $ 79 + $ 19 for the lunch on board).
2alaska-sewardfarbanks.jpg3alaska-sewardfarbanks.jpg4alaska-sewardfarbanks.jpg5alaska-sewardfarbanks.jpg6alaska-sewardfarbanks.jpg7alaska-sewardfarbanks.jpgHere are the eagles.
8alaska-sewardfarbanks.jpgHigh in the mountains.
9alaska-sewardfarbanks.jpgThese are the glaciers in the mountains.
10alaska-sewardfarbanks.jpgThis is a funny little animal called otter. It is floating on its back, even when it’s asleep.
11alaska-sewardfarbanks.jpgHere are the seals.
12alaska-sewardfarbanks.jpg13alaska-sewardfarbanks.jpgFishing tours are sold, but you can just take a couple of good photos with someone else's catch. Fishers do not mind!
14alaska-sewardfarbanks.jpgAt the port, the fish is immediately cut into filles, packed and given to restaurateurs.
I think, it’s needless to say, that public catering offer salmon, halibut, and crabs.
Two days later, we rented a car (rental fees is $812 per car for 5 days) and went northwards to


16alaska-sewardfarbanks.jpgIt was interesting to drive.
17alaska-sewardfarbanks.jpg18alaska-sewardfarbanks.jpgOn our way, we spent a night in this hut.
19alaska-sewardfarbanks.jpg20alaska-sewardfarbanks.jpgThe farther north we went, the brighter the paints of the views appeared.
21alaska-sewardfarbanks.jpgTo be continued. Tomorrow, I will tell about Denali National Park, moose, bears and mountain goats.
22alaska-sewardfarbanks.jpgAuthor: Ehlzhbeta Chegarova
Translated by: Zoozi

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