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Key West. P.1.

Nefer • 5 minutes read • October 26th, 2015

Key West 

is a city in Florida. It's located on the island which is a part of the archipelago of the Florida Keys. The road to the island passes through the famous 

7-mile bridge

. We didn't go through it, we went by ship. Our liner docked at 10 am. We passed through passport control and went for a walk.

I heard a lot about 

Key West FL

, watched programs on TV, read in the guide book. And now I'll see it with my own eyes! You can see the Westin Hotel in the photo built in the Victorian style. It is right at the port, but there is no fuss, and yachts are moored in a small bay.

Here are the old post office and a customs house. Now the building serves as the Museum of Art and History.

There are some interesting figures around: an artist, a worker, tourists, a couple in love...

This is our liner. All this is two steps away from the port.

I took this photo from the bus. We bought a city tour, the so-called Hop On, Hop Off. You can get off the bus wherever you want, then get back on the next bus. The salon is open, there are no windows so it's easy to take photos. However, I would had a bad time without a sweater. It is not that hot in November.

There are several companies, we chose a CityView Trolley Tour. There are also Old Town Trolley and Conch Tour Train.

This is a bus of the competitors.

We are walking and looking around.

The driver was driving around the streets and telling us about the sights. We decided to get off at the second stop (the first was where we boarded). According to the map, there is the oldest house in the city. In the photo, you can see St. Paul's Episcopal Church, located on the corner of Duval Street and Eaton Street.

We saw this board and went inside, but it turned out to be something else. There's just some kind of firm.

And here it is!

It used to be just a house with a small garden, now it is a Museum. You can look at the interior and sit on a bench in the shade of the trees.

Key West is something unbelievable. All the houses look magical as if some movie was shot here and the decorations were kept.

There are a lot of bars and restaurants on Duval street, which runs from the port. Imagine what happens here in the evenings.

Stops are marked with such signs. We are standing, waiting.

All the fun stuff is concentrated on Duval Street. In addition to cafes and bars, there are many shops. All of them exploit the subject of the Conch Republic and of the location, "the southernmost city" in the USA. There are a lot of souvenirs with the words "90 miles to Cuba".

We are going to the city which is a stone's throw away from Cuba!
Author: neferjournal
Translated by: Gian Luka

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