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Key West. P.2.

Nefer • 6 minutes read • October 26th, 2015
We rode on such bus. It's very convenient, only a little bit chilly, the windows are not glazed. We will focus on the farthest point of the route - Higgs Beach 

Key West.
There is a memorial to the people who died from AIDS at the end of White Street near the ocean. New names are added to the list every year.

White Street continues in the form of a pier. This area is one of the most southern points of the USA. Geographically it is located even closer to the South than the official mark near which everyone takes pictures. But to be just, it is wrong, because the pier is a human creation.

As we were walking up to that point, we had a feeling that pier was unstable. It was just rocking on the waves. I looked around, everything seemed to be made of concrete and stationary. But we both had that feeling. Never figured out what it was.

By the way, here's another bus competitor, Conch Tour Train. Why Conch? What does this name mean? It's an interesting story. The Conch Republic was proclaimed by mayor Dennis Wardle in 1982. Such an extravagant stunt that later became the hallmark of Key West. It was an attempt to create an independent state to draw attention to the problem of the existence of border controls between the archipelago and the mainland. You can buy banknotes and passports of the virtual country in souvenir shops.

Here's Higgs Beach itself, a public beach.

This is an African Cemetery. As I understood, this is an echo from the times of the slave trade.

West Martello Tower 

was originally built as a defensive structure. Now there is a garden club inside. Moreover, they don't take money for the entrance, overgrown stalwart lad with informal appearance timidly says that if you like it, donate as much as you wish. I learned a new term 'Martello towers'. It means small round fortresses that were built on the banks of the possessions of the British Empire in the first half of the XIX century.

There are all sorts of different exotic plants and trees, like a mini Botanical garden.

I've seen Mangroves many times before: in Egypt, India, Sri Lanka and Zanzibar. I also know how a pineapple grows. But it may be interesting for someone because some people believe that the fruit grows on trees.

What is this?

We are waiting for the next bus. Here's another option to get around the city.

The next stop was the butterfly conservatory. Insects are my nightmare, so I ignored it.

Next, there was a wonderful house. By the way, you can live in it, it is a guest house.

We are going to the southernmost point of the USA! Where the concrete buoy is.

Look at this line!

One Human Family is a movement that promotes the unity of the human nation. We are all different and diverse, but each person is unique. In 2000 a local painter created the picture that got widespread. Now this philosophy has received the official status. Many companies put the logo on their brochures and pamphlets. Key West is a fun and liberal city. It is home to artists, writers, musicians, other informal audience, as well as to a large gay community. Surprisingly, the number of white population is bigger.

Actually, the buoy is just a tourist trick, the southernmost point is not here. It a little further. Though the place is inaccessible for mere mortals, there is the naval base of the United States. And there are not 90 miles to Cuba, but 94.
This is the 

Southernmost House

Based on what, this is the base of naval aviation. The description below made me think that maybe it's a Small White House built as a winter residence of Harry Truman.

Houses seemed unreal like the toy ones.

Well, isn't it a miracle?
Author: neferjournal
Translated by: Gian Luka

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