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Key West. P.3.

Nefer • 5 minutes read • October 27th, 2015
This is an important part, I know many of you have been waiting for it. I will tell you more about the 

Ernest Hemingway house 

and the 

Key West lighthouse

The famous writer lived on the island with his second wife Pauline and two sons. It was here where he wrote 'For Whom the Bell Tolls' and 'The Snows of Kilimanjaro'. After Hemingway's death in 1961, the house was bought by Bernice Dickson. Three years later she opened a Museum here.

House with green shutters is surrounded by lush vegetation. My mother stayed to relax on the bench in the shade, and I went inside.

A lot of portraits, paintings and pictures. It turns out that Hemingway was fond of extreme travels. The house has furniture brought from Paris.

This is a kitchen. As you can see, there are fans everywhere. The house is very stuffy and hot. Paulina dug the pool but did not set the AC. By the way, the pool was the first one in the city and cost a fortune back in the days.

Here's the bed on which a descendant of famous Snow White is sleeping. The story is: one day captain Stanley Dexter, a friend of Hemingway's, brought a six-toed kitten in the house. It was in 1935. Since then cats have reproduced and calmly, shamelessly roamed around the house. Most of them had six toes instead of the standard five, such a gene mutation. The most interesting thing is that when I was photographing the cat, I didn't know about this story.

Here's the bathroom.

This is the second floor.

Here's another bathroom. It seems Pauline liked to take a bath.

Here's a lovely terrace. Generally, the house is in a very good condition. It is hard to believe that at the time of purchase in 1931, it was already 80 years old.

There's the lighthouse which we will talk about a little later.

We are walking in the garden. I didn't take pictures of it, but there is a small cat cemetery.

The house is charming. However, an equally impressive sight is right across the street. This is the lighthouse from 1849. The first tower was built in 1825, but it was destroyed by a hurricane.

A steep spiral staircase leads to the top. To be honest, it was scary.

Here's our ship in the port (Majesty of the Seas).

The place is small, but it is possible to walk around. Good views open from there.

And here is the lens.

There is a house of a superintendent nearby. There is such a spirit, it's like a time travel.

I don't know much about it, but the brochure said that the lighthouse received a Fresnel lens of the third order in 1858.

Here's the church which we saw from above. It is a Newman Methodist Church.

I was there!

And then we walked and looked at wonderful wooden houses!
Author: neferjournal
Translated by: Gian Luka

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