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Key West. P.4.

Nefer • 6 minutes read • October 27th, 2015
Here's a little bit of official information. The city's population is about 25 thousand people. Among 49 U.S. States, 

Key West 

is the only city where the temperature never went below 32°F. The coldest registered temperature was on 12.01.1886 and 13.01.1881 - 41°F. The climate is warmer only in Hawaii. The town is VERY picturesque! It has a unique atmosphere and charm. You just wander around the streets smiling!

Wooden houses are built in the same style, but they are still different. There's usually a chair or two, a table, flowers in pots on the terrace. There are shutters on the windows.

The flag in the picture seems to be small, but it's actually very big. The cloth was fluttering in the wind making scary noises. I don't know what kind of office it was. It was on Truman Avenue.

Here's a little hotel The Mermaid and The Alligator. The mermaid and the alligator, can you imagine?! 
Everything is decorated for Christmas.

Opposite it across the road, there's Catholic

Basilica of Saint Mary Star of the Sea


City cemetery was established in 1847. Above-ground graves look modern.

There are a lot of houses and it's impossible to photograph all of them. I shot the ones I liked. This one was all in purple hues. Even the bike was in the same color.

Sometimes you can even see this:

The names of the streets are written on the pillars.

Here are some more houses.

Cars are something else.

This building is located on the corner of Angela and 

Duval Streets

. A quarter of gay bars begins here towards South Beach. There are a lot of them in other parts of the city, but here they are concentrated on one street.

This is the tour desk - you can book tours here or take the map. We are moving towards the cruise port.

Doesn't it look like movie decorations? Everything seems unrealistic like in a themed amusement park. But people live there! There is a gift shop in the photo. We decided to go there and buy souvenirs.

The city has many nonconformists, not in the sense of Goths and Hippies, but in the sense of open-minded people. Musicians, artists, gay couples... Bars and restaurants are everywhere, each one of them with its own theme.

This is La Concha Hotel. The rooms are decorated in the style of the 1920s. You can get on the roof. They say there is a good view from there.

Tropic Cinema is beautiful.

We continue to go further down Duval Street. It's an endless series of cafes, restaurants, bars, and pizzerias.

Here's Sloppy Joe's Bar, where Hemingway used to come. 

There are plenty of cigar shops.

This is City Hall.

Here's Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum. I've visited such in Hollywood.

It is very close to the port. Unfortunately, we need to return to the ship. Frankly, I didn't have enough time to enjoy this city, I would have stayed for a couple more days. Well, we have a whole life!

Here's Memorial Sculpture Garden. It has busts of the most famous and influential residents. There are Ernest Hemingway and Harry Truman. I don't know the rest of them.

These are the bricks local residents purchase to engrave their names or names of their loved ones.

There was an aquarium nearby. But there was no energy left.

This is Shipwreck Treasures Museum. By the way, you can climb the tower.

We returned to the old post/customs office. Now the building serves as a Museum of Art and History. There are figures of people around.

Key West is just awesome! Someday I will come back here again, for a few days.

Here's a view of the Bay and Westin Hotel from the liner.

Here's The Museum, which was formerly the post office, and City Hall Tower behind it. 

And here's the Lighthouse which I climbed on.

It's just so beautiful! I am in love with Key West!
Author: neferjournal
Translated by: Gian Luka

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