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Kings City

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Kings City ("עיר המלכים" in Hebrew) is a biblical theme park in Eilat, Israel, which was inaugurated in June 2005. It required an investment of about USD 40 million. It is owned by "Africa Israel", "Elran d.d. Real Estate ltd" and a Swiss investor.

The park can handle 4500 visitors per day.

In December 2005, Africa Israel, one of the three owners of Kings City, and another Israeli firm, Polar International, announced they had signed a deal to build a giant amusement park in South Carolina at a cost of USD 360 million.

In January 2006, an evangelical consortium led by Pat Robertson and his Christian Broadcasting Network was negotiating with Israel’s government to build a biblical Christian Heritage Center at the northern end of the Sea of Galilee, northeast of Capernaum.


Built over a 40,000 square feet (3,700 m2) area on three levels, the park resembles a king's palace. The palace has five sections:

  • Journey To The Past

A journey back to the era of the Pharaohs in ancient Egypt via a four-dimensional display composed of huge panoramic screens that create the impression of floating above Pharaoh' palaces and temples.

  • Cave Of Illusions And Wisdom

This cave was constructed to celebrate and honor the wisdom of King Solomon, and includes over 70 displays of optical illusions, labyrinths, self tests and other interactive challenges.

  • Bible Cave

A fascinating journey deep into the ground and through King Solomon's mines, with famous Bible scenes displayed in niches carved into the walls.

  • King Solomon's Waterfalls

A fascinating boat ride following the life story of King Solomon. Visitors sail through seven caves, each marking a chapter in the life of King Solomon, and complete the experience by gliding down the falls to the King Solomon lake next to his castle. (For safety reasons, the minimum height is 120 cm.)

  • Spiral of David Slides

Two Dry slides that start from over approximately 66 feet. The sliding speed is up to 31 mph, and the slides end on the Cave Of Illusions And Wisdom.

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