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Kristiine Centre

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Kristiine Centre (Estonian: Kristiine Keskus) is a shopping centre in Tallinn, Estonia. It's situated in Kristiine district's subdistrict of Lilleküla. Kristiine is one of the largest shopping centres in Estonia by the amount of shops. It has a gross leasable area of 53 000 square metres containing nearly 170 different shops (including 18 restaurants and cafés).

The shopping centre has three floors, with the shops and other commercial services on the ground and first floors. The third floor is reserved for parking. The biggest shops in the centre are Prisma, H&M, Marks and Spencer, Euronics, and Apollo.

Kristiine Centre opened its doors in 1999. At first, it was planned to be a 10 000 square metre shopping centre but a 21 000 square metre centre was built instead. The building cost 19,174 million euros. In 2002 the centre got even bigger by 17 000 square metres (at first, the extension was planned to be a cinema). In 2010, a second extension was built, adding another 20 000 square metres to the centre's area.

Facts about the centre

  • The centre has been visited by 73 million people during the past ten years.
  • According to Emor's last research, Kristiine Centre is the most popular shopping centre in Tallinn.
  • The centre's 10 years' sales is 683,855 billion Euros.
  • The centre's market value was approximately 89,476,300 Euros.

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