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Kronstadt Town, Saint Petersburg

Nefer • 5 minutes read • December 17th, 2016
I got in the town of Kronstadt accidentally on the day of the Navy. I met my friend, and then we took a walk through the city of

Saint Petersburg

and rushed to Kronstadt. There were plenty of sailors, folk festivals, and a concert on the main square. The town has an interesting location - on the island, to which the roads lead from both sides of the causeway.  All of this was built relatively recently, as in Soviet times, it was possible to get into town only by water.
1kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg.jpgForts are scattered on the islands.
2kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg.jpgWe parked our car not far from a shopping arcade and went for a walk. This is a naval library in the photo.
3kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg.jpgThis is the Catherine Park. Although it looks more like a long square. This is Bellingshausen monument in the photo. His name is closely associated with Kronstadt and the Baltic Fleet. By the way, from here he went to around-the-world cruise in the course of which he discovered Antarctica.
This is a famous Naval Nikolsky Cathedral (

The Naval cathedral of Saint Nicholas in Kronstadt

). There's a monument-weapon of Ivan Tambasov in the photo.
5kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg.jpgIn Soviet times, there was a cinema and concert hall. The restoration took a lot of time, and finally, the cathedral was opened. The rite of consecration was held on May 28, 2013.
6kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg.jpgInside I had a feeling that I was in a museum.
7kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg.jpgThe building has a very interesting decoration.
8kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg.jpgThis is Kronstadt lantern.
9kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg.jpg10kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg.jpgThis is Makarov bridge over Petrovsky ravine. We were not allowed to go there.
11kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg.jpgHere’s a monument to Admiral Makarov in Anchor Square. The figure stands on a pedestal; the height is about ten meters.
12kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg.jpgThere was a concert dedicated to the Day of the Russian Navy.
13kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg.jpgThis is a dome of the cathedral. We were standing in Anchor Square in front of it. Previously, it was the Revolution Square.
14kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg.jpgHere’s a mass grave of participants of the Revolution and the Civil War with the Eternal Flame. 
15kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg.jpg16kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg.jpgNearby, there’s a Walk of Fame. On the wall, there’s a lot of plaques associated with events in the history of Kronstadt.
17kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg.jpg18kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg.jpgEverything in the town is associated with the fleet.
19kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg.jpgHere’s a monument to Peter I in Petrovsky Park. Everyone is trying to throw a coin into his boots :)
20kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg.jpg21kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg.jpgOne could aboard of the ship, but we were short of time.
22kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg.jpgThis is Petrovsky dockage facility. More than 10 ships could be for the repair there at the same time!
23kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg.jpg24kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg.jpgHere are some more monuments.
25kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg.jpg26kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg.jpgThe bridge pillar has a starting point of the leveling network of Russia. Baltic Sea level is shorter. This is Blue Bridge, beside it, there’s a tide gauge booth - a device which records the water level. There is also a monument to the fishes ;)
27kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg.jpgLet us make a break. You can find information and photos of some more sights in Kronstadt in the

next review

28kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg.jpg Author: Nefer
Translated by: 

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