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Kronstadt Town, Saint Petersburg. Continuation

Nefer • 4 minutes read • December 17th, 2016
This is a continuation of the review, which yu can find


We stopped by the Blue Bridge, in the pillar of which Kronstadt tide gauge is installed. Nearby, there’s a tide gauge booth - a device which records the water level. There is also a monument to the fishes ;)
1kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg-continuation.jpg2kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg-continuation.jpgKronstadt tide gauge is one of the oldest.
3kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg-continuation.jpg4kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg-continuation.jpg5kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg-continuation.jpgHere’s a monument to blockade stickleback. It is such a small fish with spines on the back. In general, it is not eaten. But this stickleback saved many lives during the siege. People made patties of it, cooked soup, so it was a delicacy at that period.
06kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg-continuation.jpgThis is Italian pond. There’s a view from Menshikov Palace.
6kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg-continuation.jpgThere are guns of the 18th-19th centuries on the waterfront.
7kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg-continuation.jpg8kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg-continuation.jpgThis is a memorial stone in honor of the 150th anniversary of the establishment of friendly relations between Russia and Japan.
9kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg-continuation.jpgWe went along the pier to the lighthouse.
10kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg-continuation.jpg11kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg-continuation.jpg12kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg-continuation.jpgPlease note, it has a wood paneling!
13kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg-continuation.jpgThis is a merchant harbor.
14kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg-continuation.jpgSailors, romance… :)
15kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg-continuation.jpg16kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg-continuation.jpgThere’s a gun on the banks of the canal.
17kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg-continuation.jpgWe returned to Petrovsky dock. This grand building is currently not used. Further, there’s a cross-canal, which can be reached by passing through the courtyard of the house No.5 on Communist Street. Oh, I regret I did not know it before.
18kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg-continuation.jpg19kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg-continuation.jpgThere’s also Junior Lenin Followers Public Garden in Kronstadt :)
The monument to Lenin was erected to the 38th anniversary of the October Revolution in 1955. Originally it was in front of the administration, and in 2000 it was moved to this public garden.
20kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg-continuation.jpgThis is a bypass canal.
21kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg-continuation.jpgThis is a Wish Tree.
22kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg-continuation.jpg23kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg-continuation.jpg24kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg-continuation.jpg25kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg-continuation.jpg26kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg-continuation.jpgHere’s a coal shed of Kronstadt Admiralty. Many buildings were preserved, but many of them are in a deplorable state.
27kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg-continuation.jpgThis is a musical fountain opposite the shopping arcade.
28kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg-continuation.jpgHere’s a memorial sign "Small way of life".
29kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg-continuation.jpgThese are the fortifications.
30kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg-continuation.jpgActually, there is nothing interesting, just beautiful views.
31kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg-continuation.jpg32kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg-continuation.jpgThis is the 5th northernmost defensive barrack.
33kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg-continuation.jpgIn front of it, there’s a monument to submariners. A conning tower of C-156 submarine "Young Communist of Kazakhstan" is set on the site in 2000.
35kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg-continuation.jpgThere’s a Church of the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God in the photo. It has been also recently restored, being in a dilapidated condition for a long time before.
36kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg-continuation.jpgHere’s shopping arcade again, just on the other side. Actually, there’s a bus stop in front of it.
37kronstadt-town-saint-petersburg-continuation.jpg Author: Nefer
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