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Krossfjorden, Magdalenefjorden. Spitzbergen

Uritsk Andrey • 3 minutes read • August 7th, 2016
1krossfjorden-magdalenefjorden-spitzbergen.jpg2krossfjorden-magdalenefjorden-spitzbergen.jpgDeparting from 


, the 


continues to move northwards, as visits to two of fjords were planned for that day. The first, Krossfjorden, is located very close to Ny-Alesund.
3krossfjorden-magdalenefjorden-spitzbergen.jpg4krossfjorden-magdalenefjorden-spitzbergen.jpg5krossfjorden-magdalenefjorden-spitzbergen.jpg6krossfjorden-magdalenefjorden-spitzbergen.jpgOn a port side, there was an incredibly beautiful rock called Mitra...
7krossfjorden-magdalenefjorden-spitzbergen.jpgThe ship entered Krossfjorden. 
8krossfjorden-magdalenefjorden-spitzbergen.jpgGoing deeper in the fjord:
9krossfjorden-magdalenefjorden-spitzbergen.jpg10krossfjorden-magdalenefjorden-spitzbergen.jpgThere was a dazzling arctic beauty around!

11krossfjorden-magdalenefjorden-spitzbergen.jpgI think, I was not the only one who was overcome with euphoria, as almost all the passengers of the ship came on the deck to admire the views.

12krossfjorden-magdalenefjorden-spitzbergen.jpg13krossfjorden-magdalenefjorden-spitzbergen.jpg14krossfjorden-magdalenefjorden-spitzbergen.jpgExiting from Krossfjorden, the ship continued its way northwards along the west coast of 


15krossfjorden-magdalenefjorden-spitzbergen.jpg16krossfjorden-magdalenefjorden-spitzbergen.jpg17krossfjorden-magdalenefjorden-spitzbergen.jpg18krossfjorden-magdalenefjorden-spitzbergen.jpg19krossfjorden-magdalenefjorden-spitzbergen.jpg20krossfjorden-magdalenefjorden-spitzbergen.jpgThis passage was one of the highlights of the cruise - bright sun, turquoise waters of the Arctic Ocean, bright colors of the snow, of the glaciers and rocks on the shore…and we were going farther and farther to the north!
21krossfjorden-magdalenefjorden-spitzbergen.jpg22krossfjorden-magdalenefjorden-spitzbergen.jpg23krossfjorden-magdalenefjorden-spitzbergen.jpgIn two hours of travel, our ship reached the north-western tip of Spitzbergen! 620 miles (1000 km) to overcome on the open Arctic Ocean to the North Pole. It was very close to the border of permanent ice fields.
24krossfjorden-magdalenefjorden-spitzbergen.jpgOur ship entered Magdalenefjorden, one of the most picturesque fjords of Spitzbergen, the northernmost point of the way, which is about 80 degrees of north latitude!
25krossfjorden-magdalenefjorden-spitzbergen.jpgThese are just incredible emotions!!!
26krossfjorden-magdalenefjorden-spitzbergen.jpgCloser to the night, our ship left the fjord and headed southwards. The return trip was away from the coastline... 
27krossfjorden-magdalenefjorden-spitzbergen.jpgIt was night-time for a long time outdoors, but it was difficult to sleep at the 80th latitude when the sun's rays shined so bright, and tens of gulls and cormorants were crying in the sky...
28krossfjorden-magdalenefjorden-spitzbergen.jpg29krossfjorden-magdalenefjorden-spitzbergen.jpg30krossfjorden-magdalenefjorden-spitzbergen.jpg31krossfjorden-magdalenefjorden-spitzbergen.jpgAuthor: Uritsk
Translated by: Zoozi

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