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Lanzarote. El Golfo Bay. Los Hervideros.

Capi4ca • 3 minutes read • May 30th, 2016
Day 3, Wednesday.
We arrived at El Golfo. The previous volcanic eruption led to the setting of a beautiful landscape of rocks, a stormy ocean and a green lake. Here, peridot is extracted from solidified magma.
1-lanzarote-elgolfo-loshervideros.jpgWe walked along the shore.
2-lanzarote-elgolfo-loshervideros.jpgSuch a marvelous view! You quietly stand here and watch every wave.3-lanzarote-elgolfo-loshervideros.jpgOur journey continued . . .
4-lanzarote-elgolfo-loshervideros.jpg5-lanzarote-elgolfo-loshervideros.jpgHere is the lake. It is very small and continues to shrink.
6-lanzarote-elgolfo-loshervideros.jpgHere you can buy goods made from peridot.
7-lanzarote-elgolfo-loshervideros.jpgDuring our free time we rushed to find some peridot for ourselves.
8-lanzarote-elgolfo-loshervideros.jpgThis place is really beautiful!
9-lanzarote-elgolfo-loshervideros.jpg10-lanzarote-elgolfo-loshervideros.jpgIt soon came time to return to the bus. 
11-lanzarote-elgolfo-loshervideros.jpg12-lanzarote-elgolfo-loshervideros.jpgThis rock looks like an animal's head.
13-lanzarote-elgolfo-loshervideros.jpgThe ocean and the views make it hard to leave. 
14-lanzarote-elgolfo-loshervideros.jpgHere you can buy souvenirs such as black volcanic stones with green peridot dots (on the top right).
15-lanzarote-elgolfo-loshervideros.jpgFurther we go!
After El Golfo, we went to Los Hervideros. This is where lava was thrown during the last volcanic eruption. The upper layer cooled faster than the bottom layers, causing caves and wells to form from the solidified lava.
16-lanzarote-elgolfo-loshervideros.jpg17-lanzarote-elgolfo-loshervideros.jpgAmong the lava rocks, you can find paths and observation decks. It is possible to look inside the well and see the ocean's current.
18-lanzarote-elgolfo-loshervideros.jpg19-lanzarote-elgolfo-loshervideros.jpg20-lanzarote-elgolfo-loshervideros.jpgAs usual, we did not have a lot of time left before we had to get back to the bus. It's hard to take your eyes off of the view!
21-lanzarote-elgolfo-loshervideros.jpg22-lanzarote-elgolfo-loshervideros.jpgThis is a photo from the bus. Look at this lava-bridge.
23-lanzarote-elgolfo-loshervideros.jpgThe driver kindly stopped for a short while so that we could admire the stormy ocean.
24-lanzarote-elgolfo-loshervideros.jpgAuthor: Capi4ca
Translated by: Vera Lungol

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