Lanzarote. Excursion 2. Cave Jameos del Agua. (Lanzarote, Arrecife) | CruiseBe
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Lanzarote. Excursion 2. Cave Jameos del Agua.

Capi4ca • 3 minutes read • June 2nd, 2016
From the 

Park of cactuses,

we arrived to the Cave of Jameos del Agua.
1-lanzarote-jameosdelagua.jpgNear the entrance to the cave is this sculpture: 
2-lanzarote-jameosdelagua.jpgWe went down:
3-lanzarote-jameosdelagua.jpgOf course, you can take photos along the way but it was so dark that you can barely see anything. The one-of-a-kind blind albino crab lives in this underground lake.
4-lanzarote-jameosdelagua.jpg5-lanzarote-jameosdelagua.jpgWe left the cave.
6-lanzarote-jameosdelagua.jpgThen we went upstairs.....
7-lanzarote-jameosdelagua.jpg.....and toward the underground hall where concerts are held: 
8-lanzarote-jameosdelagua.jpgThis is a chandelier.
9-lanzarote-jameosdelagua.jpgA volcanic museum is also located here. This is a miniature mold of 


10-lanzarote-jameosdelagua.jpgHere you can see when and where eruptions took place.
11-lanzarote-jameosdelagua.jpgA diagram of the eruption process:
12-lanzarote-jameosdelagua.jpgWe walked from one room to the other. You can see the pool below.
13-lanzarote-jameosdelagua.jpgWe continued further through the museum.
14-lanzarote-jameosdelagua.jpgOne hall featured a large map with a board in front. Visitors can choose a year from the deck and the map lights up with dots indicating where volcanoes erupted at that time. There is also a TV where you can watch a film about volcanic eruptions:
15-lanzarote-jameosdelagua.jpgSome photos on the wall:
16-lanzarote-jameosdelagua.jpgWe left the cave and continued our trip.
17-lanzarote-jameosdelagua.jpgCactuses grow like this:
18-lanzarote-jameosdelagua.jpgPeople live everywhere here:
The next stop is 

Mirador del Rio

To be continued...
Author: Capi4ca
Translated by: Vera Lungol

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