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Lanzarote. Excursion 2. House of Caesar Manrique. The island.

Capi4ca • 4 minutes read • June 2nd, 2016
We arrived to Caesar Manrique's House. It was here that he found 5 enormous pieces of solidified lava that had formed into caves. Manrique built his house here.
Below is a museum, as well as a Caesar Manrique fund, that deals with protecting nature on the island. 
1-lanzarote-cesar-manrique.jpgOur guide gave us all entrance tickets and we went in: 
2-lanzarote-cesar-manrique.jpg3-lanzarote-cesar-manrique.jpgAll of the sculptures are original, like everything else on the island. You can't make this stuff up! I can't believe how he saw the world! I enjoying viewing such unusual art and forms :)  
4-lanzarote-cesar-manrique.jpgWe entered the house.
5-lanzarote-cesar-manrique.jpgSolidified lava is everywhere!
6-lanzarote-cesar-manrique.jpgDownwards, tourists cross over the pool on a little bridge:
7-lanzarote-cesar-manrique.jpg8-lanzarote-cesar-manrique.jpgBelow is a list of Caesar Manrique's work:
9-lanzarote-cesar-manrique.jpgInside, the rooms look like this: 
10-lanzarote-cesar-manrique.jpg11-lanzarote-cesar-manrique.jpg12-lanzarote-cesar-manrique.jpg13-lanzarote-cesar-manrique.jpg14-lanzarote-cesar-manrique.jpg15-lanzarote-cesar-manrique.jpg16-lanzarote-cesar-manrique.jpgWe then went to the museum upstairs. Drawings and sketches by Manrique are exhibited there but you're not allowed to take any photos:
17-lanzarote-cesar-manrique.jpgSome natural features that grow as part of the museum's decor:  
18-lanzarote-cesar-manrique.jpgA view from the window:  
19-lanzarote-cesar-manrique.jpgWe traveled up toward the exit:
20-lanzarote-cesar-manrique.jpg21-lanzarote-cesar-manrique.jpgAll of these pieces move in the wind and we can also see our bus from here:22-lanzarote-cesar-manrique.jpg23-lanzarote-cesar-manrique.jpgOn our way to the bus, we noticed that this structure also moves; each circle spins around with the other parts: 
24-lanzarote-cesar-manrique.jpgAfter our excursion around the island we didn't make it back to the hotel till 6 pm. We had a very eventful day but it seems someone spent the whole day sleeping by the pool:  
25-lanzarote-cesar-manrique.jpgOur trip came to an end and we began packing. We would be leaving Madrid the next day. After dinner, we went to the see the ocean and threw coins in the water. 
That evening, a flamenco dancing group performed in the hall. They're dancing skills were amazing!
However, we did not get very good seats and the lights were right in front of us, so the photos did not come out that well.
26-lanzarote-cesar-manrique.jpgAfter dinner, we ordered our breakfast for the next morning and went to bed. We would have an early start, waking up 6.30. 
Day 6, Saturday.
We called a taxi in the morning and made it to the airport for 15 Euros. Our flight to Madrid was scheduled at 9.45.
At the 


 airport, I tried to take photos of the miniature island model but the glass reflected everything.  However, you can still make out the many volcanoes dotted around the island: 
27-lanzarote-cesar-manrique.jpgTulips are sold at the airport of Amsterdam and here you can buy cactuses!
28-lanzarote-cesar-manrique.jpg29-lanzarote-cesar-manrique.jpgOur flight ended up being delayed for an hour and a half; we landed at 1.30 pm.
To be continued.
Author: Capi4ca
Translated by: Vera Lungol

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