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Lanzarote. Excursion 2. Park of cactuses

Capi4ca • 4 minutes read • June 1st, 2016
Day 5, Friday. Today marked our second excursion; our bus left at 9.40 am.  
A lot of things on the island were made by Caesar Manrique. He created the island's style, look, and symbol.
His most famous work is the "Monument to the Peasant". There is no water on the island. After the 1730 volcanic eruptions (which lasted 6 years), all of the ground was covered in volcanic ash.
However, people learned how to grow plants here. The ash absorbs night dampness and replenishes the ground and during the day, it prevents the ground from drying out.  
This is a photo of our excursion route taken from the advertising brochure.
1-lanzarote-cactus.jpgA vie of this sculpture from every angle.  You have to use your imagination a little to see a man, camel, goat and a dog here.
2-lanzarote-cactus.jpg3-lanzarote-cactus.jpgThis is a view of the Monument and the House of the Peasant.
4-lanzarote-cactus.jpgOne can see semi-circular stone walls that protect plants from the wind.
5-lanzarote-cactus.jpgAs we continued on, we passed Teguise. This was thefirst settlement on the island and the first capital. A fortress can be seen on the hill. Today, there is a museum of the island there.
6-lanzarote-cactus.jpgA closer shot:
7-lanzarote-cactus.jpgThe roads are very good here.
8-lanzarote-cactus.jpgWe finally made it to the Park of Cactuses (Jardin de Cactus). This is the last architectural work of Caesar Manrique. This 26 foot (8-meter) tall cactus is also part of Manrique's work:
9-lanzarote-cactus.jpg10-lanzarote-cactus.jpgThese are symbols of the park.
11-lanzarote-cactus.jpgWe had some free time so we went to the park, situated in the crater of a volcano.
12-lanzarote-cactus.jpg13-lanzarote-cactus.jpg14-lanzarote-cactus.jpgOne can find several different cactuses here.
15-lanzarote-cactus.jpg16-lanzarote-cactus.jpg17-lanzarote-cactus.jpgWe headed to the mill where we found beautiful views, like the one pictured below:
18-lanzarote-cactus.jpg19-lanzarote-cactus.jpgThis is the exit:
20-lanzarote-cactus.jpgIt was the first time I saw aloe blooming.
21-lanzarote-cactus.jpg22-lanzarote-cactus.jpgHere's a working schedule, if needed.
23-lanzarote-cactus.jpgWe left the mill behind and continued on.
The next stop is the 

Cave of Jameos del Agua

Author: Capi4ca
Translated by: Vera Lungol

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