Lanzarote. Observation deck Mirador del Rio. Dinner. (Lanzarote, Arrecife) | CruiseBe
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Lanzarote. Observation deck Mirador del Rio. Dinner.

Capi4ca • 4 minutes read • June 2nd, 2016
Here, we were on the observation deck of the 

Mirador del Rio

1-lanzarote-mirador-dinner.jpgThe exit to the ocean was fenced in....
2-lanzarote-mirador-dinner.jpg....just like this.
3-lanzarote-mirador-dinner.jpgBeyond the wall, there was an observation deck with views of the Chinijo Archipelago.
4-lanzarote-mirador-dinner.jpg5-lanzarote-mirador-dinner.jpg6-lanzarote-mirador-dinner.jpg7-lanzarote-mirador-dinner.jpg8-lanzarote-mirador-dinner.jpgBelow are some close-up shots of the landscape. The population is 300,000. There are no hotels and none are planned to be built either. Visitors just arrive, walk around and then leave. Citizens prefer to keep tourists away from the island: 
9-lanzarote-mirador-dinner.jpgFlowers grow on the rocks too and it is always windy. The wind brings dust that settles and becomes part of the ground. The wind also blows seeds, causing flowers to grow:
10-lanzarote-mirador-dinner.jpgThis is was the chandelier in a souvenir shop.
11-lanzarote-mirador-dinner.jpgas we continued our walk, we saw the city of palms:  
12-lanzarote-mirador-dinner.jpg13-lanzarote-mirador-dinner.jpgThere were literally so many palm trees here!  
14-lanzarote-mirador-dinner.jpgWe made our way to the very top of the mountain for dinner: 
15-lanzarote-mirador-dinner.jpgWe left the city of palms in the distant valley.
16-lanzarote-mirador-dinner.jpgThere is an observation deck at the top of the hill but the wind was too cold and strong; we couldn't stay there for very long. 
17-lanzarote-mirador-dinner.jpgThere are only a few buildings at the top, including a restaurant and souvenir shop.
18-lanzarote-mirador-dinner.jpgAt dinner, we sat with English tourists. It is worth noting that the majority of tourists on the island were English and German.
19-lanzarote-mirador-dinner.jpgAfter lunch, we admired the views for a few more minutes, even though we almost froze to death :)
20-lanzarote-mirador-dinner.jpgOn our way back we passed the first capital of the island, Teguise.
21-lanzarote-mirador-dinner.jpgWe then made our way toward our next stop, the 

House of Caesar Manrique

. On our way we saw several unusual sculptures:
22-lanzarote-mirador-dinner.jpg23-lanzarote-mirador-dinner.jpg24-lanzarote-mirador-dinner.jpg After exiting the bus, we continued on foot: 
Author: Capi4ca
Translated by: Vera Lungol

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