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Lanzarote. Playa Blanca.

Capi4ca • 3 minutes read • May 31st, 2016
Day 4, Thursday.
We traveled to the town of

Playa Blanca,

 situated in the southern part of the island. When we left territory in the morning, the grass was being watered. We even managed to take a photo of a little rainbow.
1-lanzarote-playa-blanca.jpgBelow is the bus stop. We were waiting for bus umber 61 but there weren't any buses with that number. It turned out that there was a patronal festival for the Virgin Mary taking place that day. Since it was a holiday, the bus only operated once every two hours.
2-lanzarote-playa-blanca.jpgAt last we caught the bus and started our trip.
3-lanzarote-playa-blanca.jpgWe passed by the 

salted lakes

again before we arrived. 
4-lanzarote-playa-blanca.jpgWe started walking around the city.
5-lanzarote-playa-blanca.jpg6-lanzarote-playa-blanca.jpgWe came to the harbor and watched the ships leaving.
7-lanzarote-playa-blanca.jpg8-lanzarote-playa-blanca.jpg11-lanzarote-playa-blanca.jpgBlack rocks became warm under the sun and, it is known, cats love warmth.
12-lanzarote-playa-blanca.jpg13-lanzarote-playa-blanca.jpgSeagulls bobbing on the water.
14-lanzarote-playa-blanca.jpgWe arrived at the beach and swam for a bit. The beach was sandy and the bottom was rocky. The water is quite deep, even closet to the shore:
15-lanzarote-playa-blanca.jpgIt was high time to eat, so we decided to head back. We walked further along the quay: 
16-lanzarote-playa-blanca.jpg17-lanzarote-playa-blanca.jpgThere was one more beach in the distance, bigger than the previous one.
18-lanzarote-playa-blanca.jpg19-lanzarote-playa-blanca.jpgOn the way to the bus station we saw a chapel.
20-lanzarote-playa-blanca.jpgBelow is a children's playground.
21-lanzarote-playa-blanca.jpgWe came to the bus station and left

Playa Blanca

22-lanzarote-playa-blanca.jpgRecently, all vineyards were planted in rows for machine processing,
23-lanzarote-playa-blanca.jpgAfter dinner we went back to the beach and swam before it the temperature became colder:
Author: Capi4ca
Translated by: Vera Lungol

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