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Lanzarote. Yaiza

Capi4ca • 3 minutes read • May 29th, 2016
Day 3, Wednesday.
We arrived in Yaiza for dinner. During our free time, we took photos of the town. 
1-lanzarote-yaiza.jpgHere is a small church in the city.
2-lanzarote-yaiza.jpg3-lanzarote-yaiza.jpgWe went inside:
4-lanzarote-yaiza.jpg5-lanzarote-yaiza.jpg6-lanzarote-yaiza.jpgA square in front of the church is decorated with flags.
7-lanzarote-yaiza.jpg8-lanzarote-yaiza.jpgThis is a children's playground:
9-lanzarote-yaiza.jpgWe then walked to side of the town opposite the restaurant.  
10-lanzarote-yaiza.jpgThis is cactus blossoming:
11-lanzarote-yaiza.jpgThe square is very spacious:
12-lanzarote-yaiza.jpgWe didn't go upstairs . . . it was too difficult, especially after having eaten dinner. Plus, there was no time!
13-lanzarote-yaiza.jpgWe continued our trip. Here in 


water is a deficit but locals learned how to grow grapes in such conditions. Half circles are created from volcanic ash, protecting the plants from the wind and the ashes quickly absorb water, keeping the plants hydrated.
14-lanzarote-yaiza.jpg15-lanzarote-yaiza.jpgNext stop is 

El Golfo

16-lanzarote-yaiza.jpgAuthor: Capi4ca
Translated by: Vera Lungol

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