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Latest Video on Celebrity Edge Construction Update

3 minutes read • September 21st, 2018
We believe the whole cruise world is watching the process of construction of this cruise ship. Every new detail, every announcement, every new picture or video on Celebrity Cruises’ upcoming

Celebrity Edge

is breathtaking. The company seems to be preparing a revolution in the cruise industry.
Celebrity Edge cruise ship
Photo courtesy of Celebrity Cruises

She is about 97% built, and there are just several finishing touches left until she enters service. We invite you to watch an inspiring video on Celebrity Edge construction update that Celebrity Cruises shared with all cruise lovers.

We remind you that 129,500-ton Celebrity Edge with a capacity of 2,918 guests (double occupancy) and 1,320 crew members will take her maiden voyage on November 21, 2018. This means that the cruise world will greet its new fantastic member just in two months. Well, we already can’t wait to see her.
Source: Celebrity Cruises

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