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Letters Home From The Prince Christian Sound

Nikolkaya • 4 minutes read • July 5th, 2016
"We reached the shores of Greenland, we are going through the

Prince Christian Sound

Weather changes hundreds of times during an hour - now there's the rain, then there's the sun, now - the cloud, then - the fog, but it's always cold - only 2 degrees Celsius. I bought the last gloves and a scarf in the ship's store, put everything I had on me - and I've been on the deck from the morning.
We saw whales before the sound, but very far away. They spit out the fountain, show their back - and disappear. Whales, humpback whales, and killer whales. We just were promised to see all of them, but we still do not distinguish them. There are a lot of icebergs, but all of them are some kind of unserious, we still haven't seen any "higher than our ship".
The sound is long - about 58 km, its average width is 480 meters. There are mountains with a height of up to 1.700 meters on both sides. There are six huge thousand years old glaciers with their tongues in the water. Everything is wild, uninhabited, beautiful.
In the middle of the sound, like something unreal, there is the village called 


. There are several houses and 170 Eskimo on a site at the foot of a steep mountain, surrounded on all sides by water. It is in total isolation from civilization.
But they have their own helicopter. They immediately raised it, and flew closer to us to cruise around. And other people reached us on boats, to greet us. Even those who were fishing. One boat sailed to us with a killed sockeye. It was a great event - there had never been such a sockdolager like our Eurodam. This rout was the first for

Holland America

. The team also sent the rescue boat with a delegation with gifts to the village. They returned with fish.
There is the fog now. It's impossible to see anything in twenty meters away from you. We are moving very slowly, we already left the sound. It would be great not to run into the iceberg..."
It was yesterday, the Internet did not work, so I was not able to post it. The morning came, the fog is still here - just an endless milk. There is an hour left before the arrival in Nanortalik. Or even more, I can not see anything, and we are moving very slowly.
Author: Nikolkaya
Source: nikolkaya.livejournal.com
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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