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Liguria. Manarola

o_l_g_a_r_i • 4 minutes read • July 22nd, 2016
And here's the 

Cinque Terre

. I'll begin with 


. This is the most beautiful town of Cinque Terre, in my opinion.
And if you don't have enough time and want to see only the most important attractions, it's probably best to start with this town. Also, at the time of our visit, trails were open only from there.
The two trails are from 


to Corniglia and from Vernazza to Monterosso.
We did not go on them. We didn't have time, to be honest. The lower trail was very pleasant for a stroll - and apparently, quite easy - you just walk and admire the sea.
Here it is...
We arrived there on the train and reached the town through the tunnel.
This town is quite unusual. And not only because it is located on a rock.
There are boats parked by the houses.
Although, of course, everything is made for tourists.
At least, in the lowest part of the town.
I think, tourists rarely climb up...
We didn't...
Instead, we wandered through the shops and bought some dry mix for the bruschetta.
And we went to the sea.
There's absolutely no beach, but there were a lot of people wishing to swim.
And here are more pictures from the trail...
And here are several pictures from Manarola.
I hope the job of picking grapes is not as hard now as it used to be before.
This photo is old.
But I think that picking grapes is not easy even now - all vineyards there are on terraces above the sea. There is special equipment for transporting grapes on the steep streets and even on terraces (I only saw photos), but it probably takes forever to get to those lifts...
Author: O_L_G_A_R_I
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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